Why MaMe

MaMe's First Post...

Welcome to MaMe Musings, my first real blog, and my attempt to document and share the most incredible experience of my life--being a mommy.

MaMe stands for M(arty) a(ndrew) M(elissa) e(mily), and I freely admit that this blog will be all about us and our new twins. Yes, here, I will be THAT person who self-indulgently brags about her children's daily feats.

Perhaps this blog will help me slow down so I might appreciate each day while I take time to reflect and grow from the daily miracle we call life. Many of my early posts will be sort of a retrospective as I try to look back and document how we have arrived at this divine place in our lives. I imagine many entries will attempt to capture a moment, share our joy, express our exhaustion, or pass along tough lessons learned.

While I have already learned that life with twins leaves very little "me" time, it is my intention to carve out some space on a regular basis to keep this blog going. As I type, I realize that I have been working on this entry for almost two weeks! Then again, I think that's not too bad for someone who is feeding two babies about every three hours! Don't even get me started on how many bottles I wash in one day.

Who will be interested in these MaMe Musings? Who knows? While I would love to connect and share with others, ultimately, this blog is a gift to my children.One day I hope Emily and Andrew will read this blog and realize how much they are loved and wanted and how we were honored to be chosen as their parents.

July 2010
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