Thursday, February 13, 2014

What a DINOmite pair...

We are on day two of being snowed in and the house is becoming increasingly smaller.

I started the day realizing that my plan to let cartoons babysit so I could sleep a little longer wasnt' such a good idea.

I stumbled downstairs and whipped up three bowls of cereal. Just as I was about to enjoy some flax and almonds (left over from my last health kick), I saw Emily take a nice, big bite of it, which she promptly spit back into the bowl.

Good morning.

I am now seeing the reason everyone is calling this snow event: Snowpocalypse 2014.

From used cereal, I went on to utter such phrases as:

"If you don't get down from there, Pluto's going to get it!" (As I held Pluto hostage).

"Drew, get out of Emily's space." (Repeated at least 10 times).

"Is that poop in my carpet?" (Yes. Yes, it was).

"No, you can't go outside and play, but I will feed you." (They accepted the offer).

The day wasn't supposed to go down this way. It's February 13-- the day of their class Valentine's Day party.

But, I should have known that nothing short of a snowpocalypse would occur when I actually had Valentine's ready almost a full week ahead of schedule.

The upside is the Valentine's are safely tucked away in a bag-- ready for the glorious day when preschool reopens.


Since I have nothing but time today, let me take you inside the creation of said Valentine's.

It's really a tale of love (and a little woe).

Here we are, ready to start. We only argued for a couple of minutes over who had the most dinosaurs. Then, perfectly in line with their personalities, Emily hoards hers and Drew lines his up.

Drew enjoyed picking just the right dinosaur for each of his friends.

Emily was equally as intentional as she picked just the right pair of socks for each of her friends.

Check out our "Hope you have a DINOmite Valentines' Day" and "Valentine, I think we are quite the PAIR" Valentine's!

In case any of you out there are thinking that this is just a little too sweet, a little too perfect, a little too Pinterest-ry...

Just wait.

There is a darker side to this tale of Valentine's love-- the woe, the low...

The tug- of- war over socks.

The meltdown over the Spiderman smack down.

The covert bagging operation.

The Olympic diversion.

Whoever said love never means having to say you're sorry has obviously never undertaken a craft project with 3 and a half year old twins.

I don't have any socks or dinosaurs to offer you, dear reader. Obviously, all of the ones I did have were claimed and fiercely guarded. I do, however, have a tip for making those cute printables you see everywhere.

While there are lots of free printables out there, I couldn't find just the right one for the DINOmite Valentine.

I stumbled upon a blog that suggested using PicMonkey. I've raved about PicMonkey before, but I love it even more after discovering how I could turn a jpg like this:

Into this:

The whole process took less time than breaking up a fight over a stegosaurus.



Tami said...

I've been using Pinterest more and more. I can find really great craft ideas for my preschoolers.
Your twins bring back memories of my boys. I can laugh now…. at the time, not so funny. =)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Rory Bore said...

The crafts are cute.
I am not crafty, but my mom insisted we do the Crafty Valentines Thing.
All I can say is; be thankful no glue gun was involved here. :)

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