Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day Interview

In North Carolina, few days are as magical as the rare snow day.

I am not talking about the typical NC "snow" day that results in a condition known as snow day disappointment-- that sinking feeling you get when you realize all 421 weather models were wrong, the stockpiled bread and milk are unnecessary, and the only weather gear you'll be needing is an umbrella for the cold rain that is falling in the place of where your beautiful white snow should be.

No, I am talking about the rare snow day when we actually get-- SNOW!

Enough snow for...

*sleeping in because school and work are both out of the question.


*making snow balls and snow men/women and snow cream.

*snow angels.

Yes, it was a glorious snow day today.

Emily and Andrew were up early this morning, and their first question was "Can we see the SNOW??"

And it was a question they asked all day long. So I decided to turn the tables and ask them a few questions.

Here's a recap of my snow interviews with each of them.

How did it feel with all of your snow clothes on?

Emily: Tight!

Andrew: It was hard to walk!

What does the snow look like?

Andrew: It's white stuff. It's white like my blanket (as he rolls himself up in his blanket).

Emily: It's white and fast.

What does the snow feel like?

Emily: It's good and crunchy.

Andrew: It's cold. I got some snow. I put it in my mouth and it was really cold.

What would Jake and Izzy say about snow on the ship?

Snow and ice melt and make water.

Andrew: They would say they want to play with us!

What was your favorite thing about the snow?

Andrew: Sledding!

Emily: Sledding!

Who goes faster?

Emily: Me!


Emily: No, Me!

Mommy: Okay, bad question. Moving on...

What's the best part of sledding?

Andrew: Going into the woods!

Emily: Going fast!

What's the scariest part of sledding?

Andrew: Going into the woods!

Emily: Going into the bushes!

If we built a snowman, what would you name it?

Emily: It would be a girl with a hair bow. Her name would be Sister.

Andrew: Michelle's snowman.

Mommy: Michelle?

Andrew: Yeah, you know, Michelle, at school.

Hot chocolate or snow cream?

Andrew: Hot chocolate!

Emily: Hot chocolate!

Mommy: Drew, you certainly weren't disappointed with the snow cream.

Snow or the beach?

Emily: Snow!

Andrew: Snow!

Mommy: I'll ask you again in June.


Rory Bore said...

Look at them go!!
I bet they had a blast - and they will not likely tire soon either. It always amazes me that my kids can sled for hours!! And it's freezing up here - the wind in your face down the hill. they're insane I tell ya!

good job guys - you definitely earned your hot cocoa!
we put maple syrup on the snow up here and make some cool sticky taffy! :)

yetunde said...

Definitely want to hear their answer in June

and by the way, (as they say in Canada) tell them not to ever taste the yellow snow ;)

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