Thursday, October 24, 2013

Falls Behind Us...

It's been a busy fall here at our house.

As I sit here, trying to cobble together a post to record all of our adventures of late, I am struck by how this fall, this October, is so similar to Octobers of years gone by.

Just as the leaves look so similar, year to year, our family traditions are taking on a familiar hue.

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Join me as I watch some leaves of life turn...

Leave it to another Emily to sum it up perfectly...
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goodbye High--

This week we said goodbye to two important highs in our world.

The first goodbye involved saying farewell to our high chairs.

It seems like just yesterday that we eagerly cracked open the boxes for our two new Fisher Price Space Saving High Chairs and placed them proudly on top of our equally new and clean pub- style chairs.

It was actually three years and 3000 spills ago...

Recently, the Babies haven't been as cute or as compliant in their high chairs as they were in the above pictures.

Besides arguing over who was going to sit in the brown chair, they increasingly wanted to sit at the dining room table for family meals or their table for breakfast and snacks.

Then, there was that day I moved the high chairs and saw what was living on the top of my once- new chairs...

So, I made the executive decision to ditch the chairs.

The Babies transitioned easily.

While they reveled in their newfound freedom, I started planning how to resuscitate my poor chairs.

A can of Pledge, $10 worth of fabric, and 30 minutes of pulling and stapling later, the chairs transitioned easily, too.

As I stepped back and admired the view, I experienced the same high that I felt when I reclaimed the living room in July.


From that high, I came crashing back down to reality and to one of the lowest places in the world to me-- a car lot, shopping for a new car.

In much the same way that the high chairs had outlived their usefulness, our family car, the Toyota Highlander, had started feeling cramped (and, not to mention, less than clean).

So, last week, after several low days of car shopping with kids in tow, we said goodbye to another High-- the Highlander.

And, for now, we'll enjoy that new car high--

...breathing in the (probably somewhat toxic) new car smell.

...protecting the seats with various covers.

...holding fast to the no food, no drink rule.

...parking in the far corners of lots, away from careless drivers and their wayward doors.

...buying protective floor mats and still taking the time to check our shoes before entering.

...frisking the kids for stickers in their pockets that could end up on our new windows.

Yes, I am enjoying the high because I know the low...

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