Monday, November 4, 2013

The Pirate Life

Despite the fact that stores are playing Christmas music and have fully- decorated trees, I am still in fall mode, and I will be until I catch up here with all of our fall news, which will happen. It will.

And, the story of our fall would not be complete without sharing our adventures with pirates, patches, and Halloween.
This year, the tradition of Mommy selecting coordinating Halloween costumes continued. (What are the chances year 4 will be as easy? I know. Let me it enjoy it while I can…)

It was really quite easy.

The compass clearly pointed to only one logical choice: Jake and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Pirates worked for lots of reasons.

1. Emily and Andrew enjoy pretending to be pirates, especially since their ship (literally) came in.

2. In August, we went to the Disney Pirates and Princess Tour, and they were able to wear their costumes to the show.

3. We were able to wear the outfits again to Krispy Kreme’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. Full pirate attire earned each scalawag a dozen of hot glazed doughnuts.

4. We are going to Disney in December, and they will be able to wear their costumes again when we visit Magic Kingdom. If we count school dress up day, that means they will have worn these outfits at least 5 times. That's pretty good mileage out of Halloween costumes.

And, last but not least,

5. Living the pirate life for the last six months has made the adjustment to Drew's eye patch a little bit easier.

You may remember that back in May we learned that Drew is extremely farsighted in his right eye, and that condition has caused amblyopia (lazy eye).

I am sure you have seen him in his adorable glasses.

After consulting two different doctors, we feel confident in the diagnosis and the treatment plan—continued use of glasses AND patching.

For two hours a day, we patch Drew’s good eye, which forces him to use the weaker one.

This patching will continue until his vision is no longer improving. We could be talking years before we reach the point of diminishing returns.

While I knew patching was a strong possibility, shiver me timbers, I cried like a blubbering landlubber when Marty sent me this picture following his last appointment.

And, then, I refocused, realized this wasn’t Davy Jones’ Locker, and set out to help my little lad make the adjustment.

I started by purchasing some smaller, more fashionable patches.

Each morning, we give him the choice of which patch to wear. The element of choice and the fact that the patches are a lot like stickers really helps.

While we began by doing the patches at night, at the recommendation of his preschool director, we started sending him in the patch and then they remove it by 10:00. That way, his patching is done early in the day, when he’s not tired, and before we go anywhere, like hockey games, at night. I am anxious to talk this approach over with his teachers at our conference next week, but, from all accounts, the other kids don’t make a big deal over it. As petty as it sounds, this is important to me since I don't want him to be treated any differently.

We have also enlisted the help of the pirate twin. If Emily is wearing a patch, then there's a good chance he will wear his. It never fails-- if one is doing it, there's a pretty good chance the other will fight to do the same thing.

Finally, I’ll also admit there have been mornings when he just cries not to wear it, and I give in. We’ll make it up later. The most important thing is, 99% of the time, he wears his glasses and his patch with no scowling and growling-- and that's good for any pirate, especially a three year old one!


Rory Bore said...

They make sure adorable pirates!! My 4 year old LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She got the ship and the tiki hideout for her birthday, plus all the figures: including Hook and the croc!
It's been fun watching her play with them.
What a brave trooper he is. My cousin's son had to do the same thing when he was in Kindergarten. He's in Grade 4 now and although he still wears glasses (so does my cousin), his lazy eye is gone.

Jen Forbes said...

The pirates are getting so big Melissa! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Hope all is well. I had one with a patch years ago. I remember the grumbling too!

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