Monday, August 5, 2013

Be Who You Wanna Be...

If you've watched Disney Junior this summer, you've probably heard this song quite a few times.

My kids love all things Disney Junior, especially Sophia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

But, at our house, in a cartoon-to-cartoon contest, pirates rule.

They prefer sprinkling pixie dust to twirling pirouettes.

They read treasure maps instead of royal decrees.

They sail pirate ships instead of riding horse- drawn carriages.

Given our current state of pirate- mania, choosing this year's Halloween costumes was easier than outsmarting Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Choosing Halloween costumes?? It's barely August!

I know. I know.

For some reason, I seem to be getting ahead of myself this year.

Maybe it's because I remember how hard it was to locate last year's costumes when I waited until the last minute. Maybe it's because I am trying to be uber- organized in advance of my upcoming job change.

Regardless, once the inspiration hit, I decided to go ahead and hit order.

YO HO, LET'S GO! It's Jake for Drew.

YAY, HEY, NO WAY! It's Izzy for Emily.

In case you are wondering what Emily and Drew want to be, I did ask them in advance if they would like to be Jake and Izzy. Happily, they concurred with my decision, which means I get another year of satisfying my urge to dress them in complimentary outfits. I don't know what I'll do when they start taking that whole "Be Who You Wanna Be" thing seriously!


For the record, this post almost caught a trade wind and blew way off- course, as I considered justifying why we aren't opposed to Disney or its princesses. After consulting my internal compass, I decided to stay out of that shark- infested water and avoid the temptation to defend our parenting choices. Obviously, we're not in the anti- Disney, anti- princess camp nor are we mindless participants in their "evil" marketing scheme. We just tend to think our kids will turn out fine either way. Hey, the song says it all: Be who you wanna be...


Kathy Radigan said...

When my kids were little I use to get their costumes about now too. Now that they are older it's a little different. I think they are going to look adorable! I was always a little sad when my kids started to have a strong opinion on who they wanted to be. Lol! It looks like your pirates are going to be very happy!!

Olusola said...

"Be who you wanna be" mama. I was all anti commercial Disney until the day (last month) when my girls asked to watch Dora. I'm sold! Can't knock it for education factors that's for sure.

Those outfits rock. Please remember to take some pics on the "pirate ship" in the backyard before you go trick or treating

Tasha said...

LOVE the costumes! The boys were pirates once.
Man, you are on the ball!

Rory Bore said...

Here's a little story:
I loved Disney as a child...and I still love it along with my own children today. I'm fine. So are my kids. The End ;)

And we LOVE Jake and the Pirates in this house too. But I am not sure if my littlest wants to be Izzy. I think she wants to be Hook. (may have to revisit my little story above. haha)

Yours however, are sure to look absolutely adorable and you know of course we demand to see the pics. and some candy. because..candy!

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