Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Love Story

Whenever I stop blogging for a while, I contemplate just giving it up altogether. I feel like I have already missed recording so many big things. How will I ever catch up? Where do I even begin again? Then, there's the guilt of being a bad community member-- so many blogs I haven't visited and so many comments left unanswered...Then I remember one of the basic truths about blogging (forgive the reference to a cheesy movie)-- Blogging means never having to say you are sorry.

So, I start again, slowly and perhaps temporarily and haltingly. I come back because:

1. I love my Babies and I love the idea of recording their lives for posterity.
2. I love the outlet that lets my vent about all of the not-so-lovely parts of our lives, too.
3. I love the community that blogging provides and the way the words of moms I have never met help transform me into a better version of myself.

It's that last reason that inspired this post.

I might not be on Blogger all the time, but Facebook I am, and recently, a friend shared a blog post I wish I had written: Six Words You Should Say Today.

I....loved it.

And, just like that I was loving all over the place.

Until, Friday afternoon when we left for our three- hour drive to Charlotte. The one where we hit every traffic jam. The one where Emily didn't have to potty until we were stuck in the far lane in the worst part of said traffic jams. The trip where the public restroom gave me the shakes. The one where every word out of their mouths came out as a high-pitched, nerve-wracking whine. Where my headache lasted longer than the Excedrin.

I was...not loving it. (This is my record of this not-so-lovely part of this past weekend, per the #2 reason I blog).

But, all bad road trips do end, and thankfully, there was a cold drink, a clean potty, good friends, and a comfy bed waiting for us at the other end.

And, like the calm after a bad storm, the next day was bright and beautiful and full of love...

Seriously, I think I had the best weekend ever with my children.

So many times I find myself feeling sad about how they are going up so quickly, how each day they lose a bit of baby.

But, my, oh my!

Who knew that watching them become big kids could be so much fun?

I love watching them grow!

This weekend, traveling as we so often do, I was struck by how different this trip was--how much there was to love about three.
I love watching them finally ride their Trunkies the way they are meant to be ridden.

I love watching them push the buttons on the ela-bator--over and over again.

I love watching them explore the hotel room like it's Treasure Island.

I love watching them laugh at themselves as they listen to their echoes in the parking garage.

I love watching them play with my best friend's son and Drew imitating his every move.

I love watching them get so excited and Emily yelling, "Hey, guys! Check this out!"

I love watching them grab my hand, each other's hand.

I love watching them enjoy a Rita's icee in a way that only a three-year old can.

I love watching them (okay, Emily) reach down and scoop up the spilled icee because it's so good she can't lose a drop.

I love watching them ride the rafts on the water ride, squealing with delight and yelling, "Awesome!"

I love watching them ride the helicopters and finding out that Emily said, "I wish Mommy was riding with us."

I love watching them wrestle with great mysteries of life, like-- where does the valet man take our car?

I love watching them ask the waitress, "Have you seen our car?"

I love watching them smell the flowers, the same flowers I hadn't really noticed.

I love watching them eat ice cream on the same day they had an icee. Double treats for my double sweets.

I love watching them touch a starfish,

dance in falling paper,

build a fort,

demolish block houses,

and gasp over the glow of a jellyfish.

I love watching them wrap their sticky arms around my neck for a picture, a picture to capture just how happy I was at that particular moment.

I love watching


Tasha said...

WHat a FUN trip. I just love to hear your stories not just because we have twins in common, but you are just a good writer.
As far as blogging I go back and forth with it too. I sometimes wonder why I even post I that hung up on myself that someone would actually want to read my blog?! But when it comes down to it, it is an outlet for me. So I keep on. Followers or not. Readers or not. Days without posting are not. It is therapy of some sort.
KEEP BLOGGING when you have time!

christina said...

oooooooooh how I LOVE this post! :) so hard. and Three is pretty awesome, yes?? I mean, it's trying at times but they're like... PEOPLE!

Kerry said...

What a sweet post capturing so many beautiful and awesome things that you love about your children. Each stage is just as fun as the last one :) And you are right, kids remind us or show us all of the things we forget to notice in life...

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