Monday, April 29, 2013

P&C Week 13: Pictures before the Pictures

As I have admitted before, I am a sucker for pictures.

I take lots of pictures (most of which are sub-par quality).

I buy lots of pictures (of much better quality).

Currently, I am getting pumped up (read--I am shopping) for our yearly family picture session.

With all of the pictures, I don't need to buy the kids' school pictures.

But I usually do.

Even if I don't buy them, I get them dressed like I am going to buy them, and I always make sure we take our picture outside before they leave for school.

Yes. I take pictures before the pictures.

Given this series of pictures, perhaps you'll see why I usually buy pictures other people take...

Take 1--Both kids are at least in front of the door although one is way more interested in the train car than looking at the camera.

"Drew, look at the camera!"

Drew's cheese face

"Now put your arms around each other."

We'll take it! Just one more!

Mommy wants just one picture with her in it. Sure, she hates getting her picture taken. She's way too self-critical. She'll notice her wrinkles, the dark circles, her roots, her crooked smile...

But only for a passing moment.

Then she'll smile.

Waking up for another picture day. Holding my babies in my lap. Real life. Real imperfections. Real beauty. Makes me smile--like Peas and Cheese.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I take pictures before pictures, too! ;) You just can't have too many!!!

Tasha said...

I love capturing every little minute. I take way too many pictures according to my family. You are way too hard on yourself about taking pictures. They will want to see your in them when they are older. Plus the "ombre" hair color is SO in right now. ROCK IT with me.

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