Monday, April 22, 2013

It's My Party, and I'll ____ if I want to...

Okay, so it's not technically my party.

It's really Emily and Andrew's third birthday party I am talking about, but they are turning three. Their concept of birthday parties is limited to singing "Happy Birthday" (over and over) and knowing that cake is involved.

But, for me, birthday party planning is serious business.

Marty thinks I am insane.

"They're turning three. They don't know. They don't care. What a waste of money."

(blah, blah, blah).

What a party pooper, I say.

When it comes to their birthdays, I just can't help myself.

For their first birthday, we threw a backyard beach bash.

Last year, I outdid myself by baking and decorating the cupcakes and the cake. I was so tickled, I had to invite Elmo. Seriously, how are we going to outdo Elmo?

Before I give away this year's theme, let's stop for a minute and consider the question of guest lists for kids who don't even really know they are having a party.

Emily and Andrew have a limited number of friends outside of family. I don't think this is too odd at this age. Lots of my friends have children that are close in age so I consider them friends by proxy. Together, I consider all of those friends to be a pretty cool guest list.

Two weeks ago, Emily received a birthday party invitation from a little girl in her class. My first thought was, "Oh, wow. I hadn't really thought about inviting kids in her class." She is just now talking about her friends and school and calling them by name. Would it be odd if the kid showed up at the party and I don't even recognize him/her or the parents?

My second thought was, "Poor Drew. Since the room split, he isn't on the party list." Try explaining to an almost- three year old that sissy is going to a bounce house party and he's not.

I know. I know. Being a twin doesn't mean that you get to automatically share friends. But, this invitation was to the whole class--the whole class that Drew was in.

I am not that parent. I wouldn't show up with him uninvited or ask if he could attend. My plan was to take him somewhere special by himself while Emily went to the party.

Thankfully, we were busy this past weekend, and the whole issue became a nonissue since neither one of them could go.

But it did leave me wondering about the proper party etiquette at this age. Invite the whole class or no? In our case, we'd be inviting two classes!

Back to the fun stuff...

Like, where!

At this point, I must make a confession. This year, I am guilty of party plagiarizing!

Party plagiarizing?

You know, when you see a cool party idea and totally rip it off--with credit of course!

If I had found the idea on Pinterest, I wouldn't feel the least bit guilty. That's what Pinterest is for--taking other's ideas to make yourself look creative.

But I actually know this mom! Granted she doesn't even live in this state, but still. I feel kind of shady.

Mandy--you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

In January, Mandy threw her awesome twin girls an amazing fourth birthday party at a bounce house. The theme? Monkeys Jumping on a Bed!

What's better than jumping monkeys at a bounce house? Jumping monkeys at a bounce house--in pajamas!

A pajama party at a bounce house, complete with yummy breakfast food.

(For the record, I think a morning party for kids who still nap is the way to go! Without a nap, my kids are *crazy* by 2 PM--the time most parties start).

So, ta-da!

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed--
One smiled at the other and the other said,
"Let's call our friends and see if they're free
To celebrate the day we turn three!"

Pajamas. Breakfast food. Jumping monkeys, I mean, kiddos.

And, my gift to the moms--I promise we'll wear them out just in time for NAPS!

Marty says I can make any thing complicated. Stay tuned as I turn a simple party into a complicated affair. It's going to be fun making it hard!

I am so stinking excited about their birthday gift that I am practically jumping around like a monkey on a bed!

Anybody want to guess?

I'll give a hint. Then you'll just have to wait for a blog post--because this gift deserves its own post!

This year's present involves giving the monkeys a place where jumping and swinging are not only okay but encouraged!


Kelly said...

What a cute idea! We did not invite any classmates. Their list of friends we see on a regular basis was close to 12! plus a few extra that are my friends' kids! It gets expensive! Not to mention they will never even know if you have a party!

Look forward to the gift reveal!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This was such a fun party for us...I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! :) :)

And tell Mr. Marty he'll be surprised how much the kiddos will remember about the party. Our girls still talk about their third birthday party...a good 15 months ago already! ;) So...plan away!

Can't wait to see what their gift is!!!

Olusola said...

I had to go back and read the 1st and 2nd birthday parties recap and WOW! You are a party guru. I can't wait to see what you'll do with this one

Rory Bore said...

what a great party theme!!!

I may have to steal that idea for my youngest next birthday. LOL

can't wait to see how it all turns out. but I am guessing they will LOVE it!

Tasha said...

Sounds FUN!!! I went BIG on parties as they got older. I am with Marty on this one. And we only do BIG parties with friends every so often. Simple is just better for my life.
I am sure you will make a great party for all. Can't wait to see what their big gift is.
BTW-Drew is precious in his glasses. Ryan had many eye tests due to his scoliosis. I am trying to remember if this was one. And he does have glasses due to both eyes not focusing at the same time, but the doc said it would improve with age. He only wears them to help with reading.
Glad to see you blogging again from time to time.

Colleen said...

Hey stranger! I think that will be adorable. Can't wait to see the details. I love party planning too and it's those things that make things so fun!

Heather B said...

Sounds adorable! I am not a big party person here. But the dudes LOVE bounce houses, so I can only imagine the fun!

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