Sunday, March 24, 2013

P&C Week 9: It's Snow Fun!

No, we didn't play in the snow this week.

But, on Tuesday, if we had driven about thirty minutes north of us, I heard we could have seen snow flurries. In North Carolina. In the middle of March!

No, this Peas and Cheese picture is from February, February 17 to be exact.

As far as I can remember (and these days it's not too far), February 17 was the first time the Babies ever played in the snow.

Like all true Southerners, we weren't quite prepared.

No, I am sure we had milk and bread.

But, when it came to proper snow attire, well-- we had to make do with what we had.

Rain boots. Fleece-lined pants. Knit gloves.

Like I said, we made do.

Thankfully, it wasn't too cold. And there wasn't that much snow.


Yes, just enough for some snowballs!

I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the snowman Marty started before Drew kicked it over!

Emily was NOT happy with Drew for kicking over the snowman, but a couple of snowballs later, all was forgiven.

So much snow fun.

Snow. Snowballs. Cold hands. Hot chocolate. Babies' laughing.

Makes me smile like Peas and Cheese.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We had a glorious snow when the girls had just turned two. With babes that young, though, we didn't let them play for very long. (We were really improvising our clothing, too!)

Since then, though, we've hardly had enough to mention. This year we've had multiple snowfalls, but never the fluffy fun stuff.

A few weeks ago I finally decided we were going out for the next matter how much, and no matter how fluffy. ;)

The girls actually didn't last long...but at least I got some cute pictures!

So glad your two finally had a little taste of snow.

(And you may want to check at Target in their clearance section...last year about this time I bought some really great snow mittens for $3 each, or something like that. I've also seen the snow coveralls there on clearance, although they didn't have our sizes. I never want to spend big on something like that, because you never know if you're really going to be able to use it in this neck of the woods. Oh, we bought sleds this year, too, for about $5 each!)

Glad to see you smiling like Peas and Cheese!!!

Kerry said...

I want to play in the snow too!!! :)
You have a beautiful house Melissa!
I bet the kiddos had so much fun and I had to smile when you said Emily wasn't impressed that Drew kicked over the snowman lol Typical boy!!

Tami said...

How fun they got to play in the snow!!
Boys! They will do it every time! ;-) But the girls still love them anyway.

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