Sunday, March 24, 2013

P&C Week 12: Rocking in Our School Shoes

There are all kinds of ways to mark the passage of time.

This week I was reminded of one bittersweet way we mark time around here...


It seems like yesterday we bought the Babies their first pair of big kid shoes. (Seriously, it's worth a click over to see their chubby baby legs. How I miss those legs...)

Then, before we knew it, those shiny new kicks were being boxed away, and another pair, a whole size bigger, were taking there place.

Along the way, we made a new friend who also likes shoes--Pete the Cat. If you haven't meet him, here's a good introduction to one cool cat...

So, this past week, as we bought another pair of shoes, and marked another six months in the books, Mommy we cheered ourselves up by singing, "We're rocking in our school shoes..."

Baby feet. Bigger baby feet. New shoes. School shoes. Cool cats. Makes me smile like Peas and Cheese.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We bought new shoes yesterday, and I was thinking the exact same thing...seems like just yesterday we bought their first pair! So CrAzY how time flies, and how fun it is, at least, to measure it in shoe sizes.

Thank goodness we're still in the "baby" sizes, though. I know it won't last much longer -- we bought an 11 for A! I am pretty sure I'll have a meltdown when we have to graduate to big kid sizing. :(

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

We love Pete the Cat! Our favorite is the Groovy Buttons one. :)

I love their new shoes! Their feet are still so fat and babyish! Enjoy that!

Kerry said...

They grow up too fast :( And what a beautiful way of putting it; it marks the passage of time...absolutely true!!
Oh how I love baby/toddler feet, legs and hands!!! Too cute :)

Tami said...

How I remember the days of pitter patter and brand new shoe patter in the house.
Shoe choices are the BOMB mom!

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