Sunday, March 24, 2013

P&C Week 10: Pond Sharing


It's a constant struggle around here.

If one of them has something, it's a sure fact that the other will want it. And, not one like it.

No, they want that one.

It's exasperating.

It's exhausting.

And, sometimes, it's just downright funny...

Like this week when Emily wanted to see the pond, and not just any pond, but the pond Drew saw.

The conversation went something like this:

Me (driving): Look, there's a pond.
Drew: I see the pond!
Emily: I want to see.
Me (still driving at approximately 55 miles an hour): Well, keep your eyes open. We'll see another pond in a second...See! There's another pond!
Emily (crying): No! I don't want to see that pond. I want to see the pond Drew saw!

Yes, we even fight over ponds.

So, the next morning, in the solitude of my car, when I saw a pond with hundreds of tundra swans peacefully floating along, I pulled over, smiled, and took a picture...

To remind me of the irrational nature of almost- three year olds, the lessons we continue to teach, and the beauty of quiet commutes-- all by myself.

Crazy kids. Sharing. Not sharing. Unexpected beauty. Makes me smile like Peas and Cheese.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Kids!!! No logic in their thinking but oh so cute anyway :)

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