Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dancing for a Dum Dum

I've never tried to hide the fact that when it comes to being a dance mom, well--

I can be a bit of a dum-dum.

Remember the wardrobe malfunction?

Regardless, I never thought my career as a dance mom might be literally thwarted by a dum-dum.

MaMe Musings' readers, let me explain. And, then, I hope you will chime in and let me know if you think I am making a Mounds out of a Reese's Pieces.


As you might recall, we started Emily back in dance in January. We picked the studio based primarily on convenience (it's practically across the street from their school).

I called in early January to see if she could do a trial class and was told to bring her the following week.

A couple of weeks later, we finally made it. I was taken back when the teacher was a little less- than- enthusiastic about having a new student. She hemmed and hawed for several minutes about whether Emily could come in. If Emily hadn't been in the car and if she hadn't been talking about dance all day long, I would have taken her home. Finally, I flat-out asked the teacher if my child was welcome or not. I explicitly said I didn't want to bring her somewhere she wasn't welcome. At that point, the teacher acquiesced and told me to bring Emily on in.

Emily fit right in, made a new friend, and talked about dance all week, so begrudgingly, I took her back.

Without going into lots of specifics, let's just say that this class itself has left a lot to be desired. As a teacher, I recognize I can be a little critical of other teachers, so I've held back. First and foremost, Emily appears to be enjoying herself and that is my primary concern at this age.

One of Emily's favorite parts of the class is the end where she gets a dum-dum sucker. Because she's such a sweetie, she always asks for a second one so she can give one to Drew who waits patiently for her in the lobby. Drew often goes into the studio to meet Emily, and the teacher knows that Emily has a twin.

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You're probably wondering why I am building up this dum-dum, right? It's just a dum-dum. The kind people give out generously to children everywhere--

except at our dance studio.

Apparently, according to Marty, last week, the teacher, with an expression of reluctance, gave Drew his dum-dum and said, "You know, these are really supposed to just be for the students."

Stop me. Because there's a snarky mom part of me that's halfway to the car with a bag of dum-dums that I will be delivering to her with the message that this $2.99 bag should cover my kid for the remainder of any dance classes we might ever attend.

However, the other more rational part of me just wants to pull Emily out of the class and let the stingy teacher keep her dum-dums for the other students.

I'd hate, though, for Emily to miss out on something she enjoys--although, from an instructional standpoint (see above), I don't think she'll miss much.

But, she's two and half, and thankfully, her memory is still relatively short. Maybe she'd forget all about dance if we just didn't mention it.

Or, maybe, just maybe, some MaMe Musings' reader will convince me that I am completely over-reacting...

I have been known to be a dum-dum like that...


Tasha said...

Nope, you are NOT!!! Oh, momma would I be hot! I am still not sure I would keep my precious, sweet little girl in a dance class where the teacher is such a
&%*#@! Regardless if I took her out or not I would more than likely still buy a bag of dum-dums to hand to the teacher to "pay back" what she gave to Drew.
I love that she always gets one for Drew. Ryan always ask for extra stickers/toys at Scottish Rite for's a twin thing.

Colleen said...

Ok I don't like any of this. I would pull her out if that place. There are dance schools everywhere. My brother runs one so I have been around them and this would unacceptable to me. So no u are not overreacting. And I Love the idea of bringing the bag of pops in!

Jenni said...

oh no. I would be just horrified if that had happened to my kiddos. How awful and infuriating. I am generally super calm, but that would make my blood boil. I'm not sure what I would do, but I don't think you're over-reacting. I also don't think that I would just let it go. I would do something...not sure what, but something...good luck, mama!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

That is RIDICULOUS!!!! I would be SO angry. If your baby enjoys the class and you must stick it out, I would absolutely bring in a bag of lollipops in and tell her why you are bringing them.

But, my first instinct would be to pull her out and find a better dance studio. And I would make sure I wrote a long, scathing letter to the studio director telling her not only of the dumdum problem, but also the initial reluctance to let your baby come in.

I promise Em will love a new studio just as much. She'll make new friends in her new class (maybe you can hand out your number at your last class) or even bring her buddies to the new class.

Pretty Purplexing said...

I would NOT be able to hold back. There is NO excuse for this teacher to be RUDE! I would find another dance studio. I would also write a very detailed letter to the head of the dance studio explaining your experience and the reason why your daughter is no longer attending. Good luck!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, I don't know the answer...but I just had to say that I always love your blog posts! :) :)

My gut would be to find a new class / studio. I'm guessing at her age, Emily doesn't recognize the "really should be much better" parts...but I'd bet she would benefit from an overall more constructive environment.

That said, if you decide to stick it out (or divert her attention elsewhere), I think you've got some leeway, too.

Best of luck, Mama!!!

Suzanne said...

Ok, I would be hot too. But, I'm going to play Devil's Advocate. If she gives an extra lollipop for one sibling, isn't she obligated to give one to every sibling? I'm not saying the other kids are beating down the door to grab extra lollipops but maybe that's her thinking & she's just really crappy at communicating?

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