Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines x 2

Sometimes an e-card says it all...

Or almost.

I would have to add that my twins have also shared Valentine's Day cards--

But not this year.

Last year it didn't even occur to me that I should pass out separate cards--one from each of them--to their classmates.

Hey, I thought I was doing good to churn out the 10 or so Pinterest-inspired, heart-shaped crayons, which, by the way, were a pain because they did not want to stick to the cards like they do in the picture. But I digress...

The truth is, it didn't occur to me that, just as each kid in their class was giving them an individual card, we should reciprocate with one from each of them as well.

In hindsight, it was a rookie twin mom mistake--one of those things you don't think about and that is not covered in the twin mom manual you receive when you leave the hospital.

And, when it came to teacher gifts, we also just gave one gift, although we did try to do a little more since we know how hard they can be were so grateful for their care of both of our children.

After hours of pinning potential Valentine ideas this year, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe we should do separate ones, but just to test out the idea, I put it to an official Facebook poll. Duh. The results were unanimous: individual Valentines are the way to go.

So as I bemoaned considered the time and effort involved in 30 Valentines, I was reminded that it could be worse.

My super-awesome friend and mom to quads posted she was in the middle of completing 110+ cards. Okay, forget that I ever complained about thirty...

So with the help of free printables,

Have a Ball Printable and Wheelie Printable

cheap toys, cellophane bags,

and free labor,

we now have Valentines all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow's day of love.

And because I believe all teachers are (or should be) coffee drinkers, I couldn't resist this cute printable for our teachers' cards. Emily and Drew provided the decorated envelopes.
Free printable at Skip to My Lou

To prove I have learned my lesson about sharing Valentine wishes, let me now take this opportunity to wish each one of my dear readers a...


Shell said...

Those turned out so cute!

I had wanted to do the have a ball ones for my boys. But the thought of doing 60 made me want to cry. So we did store bought.

Cocalores said...

So cute!
.... and so much work! I guess as a classmate I wouldn't mind if the twins did a present together, but it is probably important to their development, to be seen as individuals (at least that's what I heard from the twins and triplets I have met... just imagine, triplets! And making three times the amounts of presents....!)

Kerry said...

You did great!! And you are so generous, are they coffee giftcards?
Hope your cute kiddos enjoy handing out their gifts to their friends xo

Erin said...

Ah, yes, this post really hits home! =) Looks like you did a great job. Love those printables. I might have to borrow (steal) those next year!

Tami said...

I always love the handmade cards and personal gifts. It really shows 'true' love and appreciation.
Have a happy valentine's day!

Julia said...

Oh. I don't think I would have considered doing cards from each of the girls either. Huh. Thanks for teaching this mama a thing or two :)

I also agree that any person that works with young children should drink coffee. It will make them more tolerant, or something ;)

Enjoy extra snuggles from your loves today (all three of them)!

yetunde said...

Good job mom, at least you tried.

I thought long and hard about making some valentines' day pack for the girls' classmates and in the end, I decided that "I don't believe in valentines for kids".

I think that should work for a couple of years but I do feel a slight twinge of guilt. Oh well!!!

Colleen said...

those are adorable! I love that ball one. such a neat idea. I never would have thought to do two either!!

x said...

Those are super cute... BUT I'm kinda starting to hate Pinterest. What happened to just passing out those little store-bought cards? Maybe go all out & buy the scratch-n-sniff ones? haha Damn you, internet! ;)

Kelly said...

We did the heart crayons with a bag of vday pretzels. I never thought of doing one from each of them.... They didh't have school today, but a friend said her son didn't get any I don't feel so bad :)

Beth said...

You are too sweet!

Your Valentine's are great! So cute! I bet the kids had a great time handing those out to their little friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Rory Bore said...

Wow! Awesome job.
you know I love the coffee one! (darn, why didn't I become a teacher?)
Happy Valentines to all!

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