Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party on Potty People

Almost a year ago to the day I pinned some helpful potty training tips and naively mused,

“I think we will soon be needing all the potty tips we can get!”

So how did those tips work out for us?

A year later, Emily and Andrew:
  • still have a lots of interest in the potty.
  • still are able to tell us when they have a dirty diaper (notice that I didn’t say will tell us).
  • still have a potty chair in each of the bathrooms (and we’ve added those potty seats to accommodate their smaller derrières).
  • still occasionally cram toys in said potty chairs.


    We aren’t officially potty-trained.

    In fact, at first glance, it doesn’t appear that we’ve made much progress at all, does it?

    I am sure the parents of all the potty prodigies out are squirming to tell us how their little ones were just naturals. (Um, congrats? Sorry, that's all I've got).

    Some of you might be potty pushers who think we should have just tried a little harder or let them run around diaper-less a little more (To you, I say…I wish you had been here in December when we tried that approach, which was, conveniently, the same day the stomach bug hit our house).

    I suspect the vast majority of you, though, have the same potty pacifist philosophy we have—

    There’s no need to fight it. It will happen—eventually.

    Sure, we can quietly cajole with promises of M&Ms (and even toys for the elusive number 2s).

    When they do go, we will continue to cheer and dance around and triumphantly flush the toilet like we have just won the Super Bowl.

    We will continue to give up the sacred privacy of the potty room if it means modeling for them the way big people potty.

    We will keep asking where pee and poopie should go despite the fact that they know and still don’t care.

    And, we will continue to double down on the most effective strategy yet—

    We will continue to send them to school—to the capable hands of highly qualified potty professionals.

    Since starting her new school in January, Emily has been going to the potty almost every time and has even started asking to go on her own. (Drew is a less interested and a little less consistent).

    Last Friday, Emily’s teacher surprised us by telling us that Emily was ready to come to school in her big girl panties.

    You’d think the child had hit the jackpot!

    She talked about it all weekend.

    Yesterday morning, I sent my little girl to school in a clean pair of fresh Minnie Mouse big girl panties (and two more pair in a bag).

    When we picked her up, she wasn’t in the same pants (or panties), but apparently, she only had one accident and it wasn’t even a major one, if you know what I mean.

    As a former teacher, I know the importance of support from home. School can’t and shouldn’t do it all.

    I know we have to reinforce and be consistent with the potty training at home.

    That said, (bear with me--I know it’s not Friday) I have a confession to make…

    I confess: I need to pull up my (metaphorical) big girl panties and get over the fact that this whole “got to use the potty” thing is harder when I am actually in charge of making sure it happens.

    Case in point—

    Last night’s trip to Target (with Emily in big girl panties) involved no less than three requests to go to the bathroom. Three. Two of which were false alarms--

    All three of which seriously tested my tolerance of public restrooms…

    (Public pottiers, please feel free to share how you help a toddler squat).

    During a quick stop to Kohl’s, Emily asked if this place had a potty, too, because she wanted to “see” it.

    (Potty people, how do I explain that if you’ve seen one potty you’ve seen them all)?

    I confess: I am now singing, “Whoomp There It is” –the potty version:
    There's a potty over here
    a potty over there
    Wave your hands in the air
    Wipe your derriere!
    Whoomp chak a laka chack a laka chak a laka chak a…


    Brad Jenkins said...

    I confess: My first thought when I saw your title was "Whoomp, there's my poop!"

    As for public pottying, the first time I took one of the girls to the potty at Home Depot there was a sign on the door saying the faucets weren't working. You would think they could fix it as they surely had the parts and know how, but I digress. I may have held her the entire time as they were out of the "sanitary" seat thingies. I may have ended up with a lot of pee on my hands, but she remained clean. Don't try that if you can avoid it. Instead, do a google search for traveling/folding potty. That should help.

    yetunde said...

    I confess that sometime last week, it occurred to me that potty training my girls meant that sooner rather than later we would have to go into a public restroom. I broke out in a cold sweat.

    I'm the mum who's such a germaphobe I freak out if they touch the walls of a public changing room (or any public walls to be honest)

    Beth said...

    Oh, potty training. Definitely one of the toughest things we have been through, but we did survive and so will you! I am a big advocate of waiting for them to decide the time is right for them. It is so much easier if they are running the show and you are just helping them.

    That being said, the public potty situation is horrible!! I'm less of a germaphobe than you, but still public potties kind of make me want to die. And yes, they will wait until you are in the far corner of the store from the restroom before they grab themselves and look at you with panic in their eyes announcing, "I need to go potty NOW!" The best I could do was, as soon as we entered Target (or some store with the bathroom in the front), we would all go to the potty together. I would wait for the handicap stall. All kids not using the potty had to hold hands and stand with their backs against the stall door. I would cover the toilet seat and let the potty people go, then we would all wash our hands. I'm not going to lie- Most trips, we still ended up back in the restroom at least once. Luckily, the fascination with potties does fade.

    And we also had our own song. "La-di Da-di, we like to potty. We don't cause no trouble, we don't bother nobody."

    Colleen said...

    Oh boy. Not fun. FYI, E is 7 and she still doesn't know how to squat in public bathrooms so yes I am still covering up the seat.

    Kerry said...

    Hehehe love it!!! I am not going to give you any advice, I think the same as you; it's gonna happen one day! They aren't going to go to school without their big girl/boy pants on :)
    You always make everything sound so fun in your house, can I send Liam to you for you to train him? I had a 21 mth old daughter in big girl panties and I thought that was freakin' awesome and then I had a son who wouldn't go 'potty' until the very first day of preschool at the age of 3.5 yrs!! Whatever the teacher did worked lol
    I love your stories, you always make me smile :)

    Jenni said...

    ugh! I don't envy you...I do not like potty training. My son has to go every single time we are out and aobut and it's usually poop! I always end up with 4 kids in the bathroom stall (2 of which could jsut start walking) and it's an awful horrible mess...that being said, I'm totally over my grossness of public bathrooms- something about your kids pretending their swimming in gas station bathrooms that cures you of that pretty quick. I just pray everytime we leave the house we're not gonna come down with some awful bug caught from the bathroom floors! (not to mention the toilets themselves...)

    Tami said...

    Potty training takes A LOT OF WORK! In the end you will be rewarded with no more diapers! YAY!
    Each child is different and ages vary. When it happens, it happens.
    One fun thing I did with my boys was put cheerios in the toilet and told them to 'aim'. They giggled hysterically once they got the hang of it. LOL

    Caroline said...

    Potty training waits for me this summer, I'm planning into tackle this issue very soon. Good luck and wish me luck! but the way, the song it's too funny, lol! =]

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