Saturday, February 2, 2013

P&C: Week 4

From the very beginning, I've been a little obsessive concerned about what the Babies eat.

My obsession concern is often the fodder for family jokes, like this status update from my sister (and our babysitter) last night:

Sure, we don't take them to McDonald's, give them Little Debbie Cakes, or let them drink sodas.

We try, when possible, to stick to all-natural foods with no added sugar, preservatives, or trans-fats.

But, that doesn't mean we are totally prudes when it comes to food and treats.

It's about moderation.

One place where we recently fed our sweet tooth was Opening Night for the Carolina Hurricanes. With our water bottles in our diaper bag, we spent the extra calories on a treat they each picked.

Emily's Favorite "Team":

Drew's Pick:

And for the hat trick of treats, Mommy's choice:

While our team didn't win that night, there were still smiles all around as we enjoyed the sweeter side of life--together.

Sugar and my sweet babies.

Makes me smile like peas and cheese.

I know it's not the fourth week in January. Bear with me as I serve a couple of double helpings of peas and cheese to catch me up on this Project 52 photo challenge.


Tasha said...

I want that cupcake!!! You know I allow the boys to have a crazy share of sweetness, but they did not have a poison meal until last year(7 years old). And it was ONLY because we were traveling. They also would tell family members about the poison, etc. in foods.

Tami said...

This is a very cute post of the kids eating their sweets! I personally think it is okay to have a treat once in awhile. It makes life fun! Like you said, in moderation is the key!
I stopped keeping so many snacks in the house. At first the boys rebelled. Now they go for more healthier choices. It's that or nothing! :)

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