Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Darndest Things

Lately, Emily and Drew have been saying the darndest things.

Thankfully, the things they are saying aren't quite as troublesome as those darn kids in Tammy's song. Really, they are quite funny--most of the time.

Here are just a few of the darndest things they have said lately...

Emily (to me): You stay right here. I'll be right back.
Um, who's the boss here?

Emily: Don't you tell me what to do!
Marty (in shock): What did you say?
Emily: I love you, Daddy.

After leaving Trader Joe's where we bought wine for our Christmas party...
Emily: Mommy bought lots of beers!
Marty and I: silence
Emily: Mommy bought lots of beers!
Marty and I: silent giggles
Emily: Mommy bought lots of beers!
Marty and I: Okay, Emily. We heard you.

At random times, Drew will start yelling, "Baby Red Bird! Where are you??" Then, he will look all around and say, "Oh, there you are!" before squatting down and scooping up the invisible sweet Baby Red Bird, at which point, we all stop to pet the bird.

If you are like me and have never actually seen Baby Red Bird, let me introduce you:
Image Credit

Me: Emily! What are you doing?
Emily: Getting my boogies out.
Don't ask an obvious question unless you want an obvious answer.

We were all piled in our bed watching one of the original Star Wars movies--the one where Darth Vader says, "Luke, I am your father."
Marty (playing around with Drew in his best Darth Vader voice): Drew, I am YOUR father.
Drew: No, Mommy's MY father!
I appreciate the loyalty, son, I really do, but I can promise you. I am not your father!

Marty (calling from downstairs): Melissa! You up there?
Emily: Melissa, Daddy's calling you.

Drew has been fighting sleep lately--regardless of where we try to put him. We've tried it all--sitting with him, laying down with him, putting him back every time he gets up, etc...Sometimes, in sheer frustration, I will have to go downstairs, mentally regroup, and then go back up to start all over again. He has learned that when I go downstairs, he can really get the party going. This line is his new favorite:

"You go downstairs!"

Apparently, he even has a version for his preschool teacher. On the first day at his new school, the teacher pats his back trying to get him to go to sleep.
Drew: No, you go pat Emmy's back.
Teacher: Emily's already asleep.
Drew: Oh.

Speaking of new their new school, I asked Emily and Drew to tell me all about their first day.
Emily: All my friends watched me eat my lunch.
It must have been quite a show.


Beth said...

I love it!!

They are cracking me up. I love Emily changing her statement to 'I love you' when she got busted. They learn fast!

I had never seen or heard of the baby red bird, but what a sweet heart your little man has. Adorable!

Enjoy those little cuties!!

Tasha said...

So cute!
Just wait until they tell people, "We drove through the barn (Beer Barn)today and got a bunch of beer for Daddy"!
Or tell their SS teachers they drink beer(apple juice) and moonshine(water).
Oh the things children say!!!!!
Enjoy every last minute of it!

Rory Bore said...

I totally knew who Baby Red Bird was.

Just shamed myself.

Kelly said...

Hilarious!! I need to start writing things like this down to document!

Heather B said...

LOL, love it! I was dropping the kids off at daycare one morning and G-Man turned to me and said "Have a good day Heather!" Massive laughter ensued.

Tami said...

I wish I wrote down the things my boys said when they were little. Blogging wasn't around way back in the day! One that I do remember was Brandon's first day of school, he came home and said "Mommy, they forgot to talk about Jesus." (He was comparing sunday school to kindergarten) So precious.

Cocalores said...

Hilarious! Life with kids must be so much fun! =)

Caroline said...

I loved this post! I laughed all the way through! I love when kids starts talking, they always say the cutest things.

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