Thursday, January 17, 2013

Peas and Cheese: Week 2

In an effort to catch up with the calendar, I am backtracking and posting weeks 1-3 of Peas and Cheese/Project 52.

Here's a peek at what was making us smile last week...

Peas and Cheese: Week 2

People often ask how Emily and Drew get along.

Best friends?

Best enemies?

A little of both?

Truthfully, most days around here resemble a wrestling match in which Marty and I are constantly refereeing a fight.

If one has something, the other is sure to want it. One of them simply picking up a toy suddenly makes it the best toy in house.

Then there's the competition over limited resources. Drew wants Mommy to carry him down the stairs? Well, of course, now Emily is going to want Mommy to carry her downstairs, too--at the same time.

And, the tattling...

"Mommy, Drew pooped."

"Mommy, Drew threw the train car."

"Mommy, Drew is on your computer."

Or, the intolerance of the other's habits...

"No, Emily. Don't sing!"

"Drew, stop singing so loud."

(Okay, maybe that issue is more about their singing in general).

There's no romanticizing the twinship here.

The reality is they are 2 and a half and they want what they want.

So, what's making me smile?

Sometimes, they just want each other.

Like walking into their school, looking through the class window, and catching them riding the same tricycle--with smiles not screams.

Or walking into their room and finding them in the same bed, reading a book together, laughing.

And, before bed, hearing them tell each other...


Makes me smile like peas and cheese.

What's making you smile like peas and cheese?


Jen Forbes said...

This post is making me smile! That and the fact we might get our first snow today! Please no hate mail :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love that you're picking this up again! It's truly the little things, isn't it??!!!

I have been doing my "Fab 5 Friday" (which has morphed into any number of bullet-pointed items on any day of the week) for a couple of years now. I am so thankful I have so many "little things" to look back on and smile! :) :)

Love seeing your two together!!!

Caroline said...

What a lovely post! This is very normal between siblings, they fight with each but they still love each the same. :-)

Rory Bore said...

I'm having a grumbly mommy day know those ones where everything has gone wrong since the moment your toddler crept into your bed at 4 am and then subsequently turned of the alarm in the morning so everyone slept in except offending toddler who attempted to make breakfast on their own??? *breathe*
but I am smiling.
Ever wonder if something you post is just gonna completely turn someone's bad day around? yeah that :)

Colleen said...

awww! so sweet. My little guy calls his sister Emi too. love that!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Sweet babies!

christina said...

i can only imagine how that must swell your heart. :) love them.

Tami said...

Just goes to show… toddlers can be naughty AND nice!

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