Wednesday, January 23, 2013

P&C: Week 3

In a house with hundreds of children's books (many of which litter our living room floor and lurk under car seats), it is funny how certain books make their way out of the pack and into the category of favorites.

Way back in February 2011, I shared some of the books that had already reached classic status at our house:

Are You My Mother?
Love You Forever
How Do I Love You?
Time for Bed

Almost two years later, we still love these books, and I love how the Babies can "read" the books back to me: filling in the words or re-telling the story, page by page.

(I can't believe I've never shared how much we love, When Mama Comes Home Tonight, a sweet little book about a working mom and the time shared at the end of the day.)

Just because we have tried and true favorites doesn't mean I have stopped trying to broaden their interests.

Getting new books is one of our Christmas traditions, one that I started with my niece and nephew before I ever had children of my own. Each year, they get a hardback book with a note in the cover.

This year, at the suggestion of Julia from Pontifications of a Twin Mom, I bought Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.

This book was second only to the train set in the "Best Christmas Gift of the Year" category!

While Emily enjoys the book, her interest doesn't take on the same ardor as Drew's does.

Of course, seeing him love a book makes me smile. But, I absolutely swell with pride when he says the words along with me, adding his own inflection and mannerisms...

You should hear him sigh with the Crane Truck.

Or whisper, "Good night, ex-ca-bator, good night."

Makes me smile--like peas and cheese.


Tami said...

Reading is such an important way for kids to learn.
Beginning them at an early age is crucial.
One of my favorites books for a boy to enjoy is "Little Blue Truck" by Alice Schertle.

Tasha said...

Precious!!! We love books too! I can remember duck taping several books when the boys were younger.

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