Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: Part II

I love those extreme home makeover shows with their radical re-dos on an unreasonably short timetable. There's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of a project completed just in time to "move that bus"!

Trust me when I say, it's better to watch it on TV than experience the pressure yourself.

Call me insane, but I attempted my own extreme makeover on Emily and Drew's nursery...right around the busiest time of year: Christmas!

We had known for a while that we had reached the end of the crib days. Both of them refused to sleep in them and were able to show their refusal by climbing out. Short of locks and chains, we weren't keeping them in any longer.

For the last month or so, they have been vagabonds...sleeping with us, on the crib mattresses in the floor of our room, and on their travel cots beside our bed.

During this time, we quietly began the process of disassembling the nursery, one crib at a time.

Surprisingly, I didn't get too emotional. Over the past year, I've come to terms with the nursery closing, both literally and figuratively. But, that's a story for another post and another time.

Today, I want to take you through the distraction excitement of re-doing their room!

Here's a reminder of how we started:

It took less time to break down the cribs than it did to assemble them, that's for sure--even with the extra hands!

After some Pinterest browsing, we decided on a dollhouse and a sailboat. I'll save you all of the details that took us from idea to implementation but it involved some Craigslist sales, Papa's construction skills, and Wal-Mart's Ship-to-Store.

Here's Drew's sailboat bed.

Notice the paintings above the bed? Those were done by yours truly! They might not be perfect, but they were painted with love (and a glass of merlot).

And Emily's dollhouse bed...

Aunt Kelly and Glitter Bug Antiques contributed to the room re-do by giving us the antique blue dresser. It couldn't have been more perfect.

I also made new initials to match their bed kid decor. Their old names from their nursery now hang in the playroom.

Drew's dresser isn't an antique (yet), but it is roomy (and grumpily lovingly assembled by Marty). I tried to make it a little more special by adding an real almost-real anchor.

Remember what I said in the beginning about a time crunch?

We finished around 3:00 am Christmas morning.

3:00 AM

Our plan was to slyly move the Babies into their new room and let them wake up there.

An hour later, the whimpering started. Marty caved first, bringing them both into the bed with us where we all happily slept and snuggled to almost 9:00!

So even though the reveal was delayed and not exactly as planned, it was exciting nonetheless.

The most common question we've been asked over the past two days is, "How did the Babies like sleeping in their new beds?"

The answer is, "We don't know. They've haven't slept in them yet."

Why they are awfully proud of the new decor ("I am going to show Aunt Kelly my new room!"), they aren't proud enough to want to sleep in there yet.

If only sleep training was as easy as buying a new bed...

Coming in Christmas: Part III

In Christmas: Part III, we'll finally make it downstairs where we discover why everybody's been talking about Santa this and Santa that.


Kelly said...

Love their new rooms!!! And you did a great job on his paintings :)

Tasha said...

SO darn CUTE!!!!! I love the new room and beds! And I covet Emily's blue dresser ;) Great job on the paintings.
You must be strong and make those babies sleep in their room!!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Their room looks amazing!!! (And what a feat, working until 3AM! :) )

Hoping they'll continue to be lured in enough to want to SLEEP there soon!!! ;)

Hope you'll post more Christmas pictures soon!

Samantha said...

Love the beds!!!

. said...

Their room is cute. I remember our transition too. We lucked up and had girls that LOVED being in their big girl beds. Thank goodness. I agree with Tasha strong!!!

christina said...

oh goodness do i LOVE the new beds! soooo adorable!

Tami said...

I see a lot of things from Target!!!! Love the new room!!

Holli said...

Awesome room! I'm sure it won't be long and we'll be starting the process. Good luck with the adjustment. Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas. :)

Susi Kleiman said...

Love what you did with the room and the bed ideas. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they decide to sleep in their own beds! We are in the middle of moving and re-doing our living room... and oh, boy, am I ever exhausted!

Kerry said...

I love love love their new room!! So very pretty, their beds are awesome, how clever!! I bet they loved it and I hope they enjoy sleeping in there soon. You guys did a fantastic job :)

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