Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: Part I

One of the neat parts of being a parent is creating our own set of holiday traditions. We are now on our third Christmas with Emily and Drew, and while it's hard to believe they're so big, it's also tough to imagine how Christmas was without them. (I do believe there was more sleeping involved in those pre-twins days).

I am not sure how many years it takes to create a "tradition," but now with 3 Christmases in the books, I can say that, with each passing year, our Christmas "actions" are taking on more detail, more solidity.

It's been interesting to see how Marty and I have meshed our individual ideas, born of our our own childhoods and dreams, together to create our unique "MaMe" Christmas.

Please join me as I record this most magical time of year. With so much to share, I'll be breaking the posts into parts.

Here's a look at Christmas Eve 2012- MaMe-style!

Our Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Day was filled with last minute errands, which was not how I wanted to spend the day at all. I am still hoping for one year when all of the shopping and running around is completed before December 24.

By 6:00, we were finally on our way to my parents' house where we would celebrate and exchange gifts with the rest of my family. Going to my parents' house on Christmas Eve is a yearly tradition, but each year, we play around with the menu. This year, Daddy cooked soup and sandwiches, and the kids (and me) wore our pajamas.

With four little ones, it didn't take much hovering around the tree before the adults caved in and let the present opening begin!

It wasn't easy, but we finally convinced them to take a break from all the toys...

And then it was back to playing--not with all those new presents--but with the wrapping paper!

Marty enjoyed reading "T'was the Night Before Christmas" to an eager audience.

While we all received way too many presents, I can say that the gifts we gave and received did not overshadow the fun and family time that we shared. We were all aware of how blessed we are to have our parents and our children with us.

Coming up in Christmas: Part II

Part of Emily and Drew's Christmas this year was the gift of a room makeover. In Christmas: Part II, I'll share how we transitioned from cribs to toddler beds, from a nursery to a big kid room (sniff, sniff).


Tami said...

Such a lovely family Melissa! One question though. Where is the frying pan?

Jen Forbes said...

Why is it that no matter how cute kids are they're even cuter in their pj's?

Susi Kleiman said...

We always open gifts Christmas Eve with my mom. It's a German tradition and we kept to it ever since we moved here! Love the pj's!!!

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