Sunday, December 2, 2012

Because I am no quitter...

and because I have too much to be grateful for to stop just because I ran out of days in the month!

#27 Today I am thankful for: my body (and good sense, common sense, and nonsense)

Today I turn 37.

Yes, I am owning every bit of my 37 years.

Sure, I have moments where I shake my head and ask, "How the hell did I get so old?" (Sorry, they say your verbal filter is one of the first things to go with age).

No, I don't wish I was younger really.

Despite the years, the stress, and the neglect, my body is hanging in there.

My head isn't as hard as it used to be.

My hair might have what my stylist called "platinum" strands, but I haven't pulled it out yet.

My ears don't hear quite as well as they used to, particularly when it comes to hearing kids cry in restaurants, but they can detect subtle toddler movements from three rooms away.

My arms aren't really toned, but they are buff enough to still carry two kids at the same time (that would be almost 60 pounds in case you are wondering).

My hands are still strong enough to clean up the number 2 Drew accidentally left on the floor this morning between diaper changes (Happy Birthday to me!)

My tummy might never see the light of day again but it has superhuman elasticity that stretched generously to hold a little over 16 lbs of babies.

My legs don't get shaved as often as they need to, but they still held me up quite well for a one-mile Thanksgiving Day Fun Run.

Yes, time has a way of taking away, but, the older I get, my eyes are seeing more clearly that it also has a way of giving back.

I think I'll keep my gifts.

#28 Today I am thankful for: the sense of smell (and live theater, desserts, and aunts)

Growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree. Shoot, I am not sure I even knew you could get fake Christmas trees until I was a teenager. (Okay, not sure if that's true, but when you get to be my age, you start embellishing the "back in my day" tales).

When I was finally out of my own and able to decorate my own tree, I chose an artificial tree. It was easy, cost efficient, and did I mention, easy?

This year we decided we didn't have enough to clean up wanted the kids to have the experience of a real tree.

Sure, it would mean sweeping needles for a month and forgetting to water the tree, but it would also mean we could experience the excitement of a real Christmas tree farm and the smell of a real tree.
Admiring the ginormous snowman at the tree farm

Heading out to the "woods"

Giving their stamp of approval to the tree selection

Carrying our spoils to the truck

Home at last

#29 Today I am thankful for: people and causes who inspire me (and rough drafts, good writing pens, and apple cider)

If you're new to MaMe Musings and you're wondering about what this button
is all about, this post is a pretty good summation of what Little Pink Houses of Hope is and why it is so important to me.

A small way I support Little Pink is through serving as a part of the grant writing team, and this week I was able to put my words where my heart is by drafting a portion of a grant application. This grant will help fund a local community outreach center that will be an additional service provided above and beyond the beach retreats.

If you or someone you know is currently undergoing breast cancer treatments or if you have a huge grant you'd like to award us, please contact Little Pink Houses of Hope.

#30 Today I am thankful for: Fridays (and family fun night, clean cars, and new tubes of toothpaste)



What would be better than a Friday?

Maybe a Friday at the beach.

Since that's not happening, I am going to settle happily for "feeling beachie."

1. I have always dreamed of moving to the beach and opening a small store.
2. My ability to tune out everything when I am on my computer is my cheap escape.
3. I love to clean when I I am stressed.
4. I will never forget my husband's birthday again with all the grief he gave me that one time I did.


Samantha said...

Happy birthday!

Jen Forbes said...

Happy Birthday my friend. Have a blessed day.

Tami said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!
It is so fun getting a live tree with the kids. Now that our boys are teenagers,they do not want to be seen anywhere near us or a tree farm. LOL
Your decorated, live tree is gorgeous! I love the red and silver.
Ah, clean cars. Hubby just vacuumed mine yesterday.
What kind of store would you want to open at the beach?
Enjoy your bday!

amoryg said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! I'm a December baby too!

Hilary said...

I am a stress cleaner too

RoryBore said...

I love, love how you did the body one! fabulous!

Real tree is a must for me. I've never had a fake tree, as far as I can remember, and I cannot imagine ever having one. We've gone to the same tree farm for years, and it also feels good to give our support to a local family business that has been around for generations. (we also get berries and veggies from them during the summer.)

And my secret dream wish of what my I will never get married and have children life would be like, was to move near the ocean and open some kind of shop. I confess to sometimes indulging that fantasy a little too long in my present life. especially on rainy Sunday afternoons when the kids father is on his night work rotation. :)

Kerry said...

Haha really? You forgot your husband's birthday? Oopsie :)
I loved your list of 'changes' to your body as you get older. Although 37 is NOT old it is just all the young ones making us feel that way.
Your tree looks beautiful, I bet it smells good! How fun to go out and get a real one, I was the opposite when I grew up, it was fake all the way!

Colleen said...

happy birthday!!

your tree is beautiful!

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