Friday, November 16, 2012

Mommy Mouse

#16 Today I am thankful for: the funny things my kids say (and for hazelnut creamer, completed reports, and clean houses).

What's the difference between this:

and this:
Image Credit

For a two year old, apparently not much.

Yesterday I wore something similar to the last picture--sweater dress, black tights, and my knee boots. (After 3 hours in the car, I can assure you I wasn't quite posing like this model, though).

Drew walked up to me, pointed to my leggings, and said in his sweet, innocent way, "You wearing you costume, Mommy?"

Well, that's one way to look at my outfit choice. Just call me Mommy Mouse!


Tami said...

I am afraid to wear a sweater dress. My belly isn't as flat as it used to be. (Having three kids and a slow metabolism will do that to you). ;-)

I like Drew's comment. Adorable!

Kerry said...

Hehehehe out of the mouths of babes lol

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