Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Grannies!

#22 Today I am thankful for: grandmas (and good weather, good babies, and good turkey, deviled eggs, stuffing, potato salad, cabbage, butter beans, creamed corn, ham, banana pudding, coconut pie, chili dip, and... oh--a NAP!).

This Thanksgiving we were blessed to spend the day at my grandma's house with most of my family and Marty's family. It was awesome to have three of the "grannies" in the same house (and not just because all three of them are great cooks)!

Emily snuggling with "Great-Granny"

"Granny" and "Gi-Gi" busy cooking while Marty is busy sneaking a piece of ham

As I have shared before, Great-Granny's house isn't the most kid-friendly place. One, it's always spotless--until we arrive. And, 95% of the contents should be in bubble wrap since they are so fragile.

Leave it to two two-year-olds to improvise by clearing a shelf and making a boat! (Disclaimer: no glass was broken in the making of this photograph).

Thankfully, the weather, while on the chilly side, was still nice enough to let the Babies get out and run without fear of breaking a what-not (or ten).

Oh, and the food. We can't forget about the food!
Another advantage of being two and a half? You eat first! Here Granny and Great-Granny help us say the blessing.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a perfect day! They look so big!!

Beth said...

Yeah for Grannies!!

I absolutely love the pictures we have of the kids with Rod's grandmother before she passed away, but I definitely felt the stress every time we visited her. She had breakable things everywhere and was pretty fragile herself! I had to remind the kids to be gentle with Meemaw and that they all couldn't sit on her at once. So glad you and your babies got to enjoy some Granny-time!

Oh, and that picture of Drew praying with his little head bowed? Melt my heart!!

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