Thursday, November 29, 2012

From MaMe's House to Yours...

#26 Today I am thankful for: real mail (and comfortable shoes, gentle reminders, and uncluttered spaces).

Most days, I generally prefer not to check the mail. Between bills and junk mail, there's not too much in the mailbox to get excited about.

Occasionally, however, I get real mail, mail written just for me--

Like the birthday card that my grandma sent me this week.

Without fail, every year, she sends a sweet card, with all the words underlined, and with a personal message telling me how much she loves me.

I love her.

And, I love cards.

That's why, no matter how busy I am during the holiday season, I still try to get my Christmas cards in the mail.

This year, I saved some time (and some money) by using Shutterfly to make our family's card. They have some great deals right now, including discounts on cards and shipping.

The hardest part?

Choosing a design from the hundreds of options in their gallery!

Here's MaMe's 2012 Christmas card creation!

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

In return for sharing this card on my blog, I will receive a coupon for future Shutterfly purchase. I was already a happy customer; finding out I could get an additional discount by sharing a great product was like a bow on an already perfect gift!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love the one you picked! It's simple and doesn't take away from the darling photo of the kids!

Beth said...

What a great picture of two crazy-cute kids!! Love the Christmas card :-)

I always looked forward to my Grandma's b-day cards. They were always so special. I really miss seeing her beautiful (even after it got a bit shaky) handwriting in my mailbox.

Colleen said...

love it! huge shutterfly fan here too : )

ours are from there as well.

RoryBore said...

I love it!! They look so cute and happy. I got 2 that always cry for the Santa picture, so this year - No go.
Will have to check out the site.

Carolina said...

You're so right, there is definitely something special in receiving something other than junk and bills in the mail. I penpal and I really love it! It's so much fun to get those letters and spending time writing one and putting a package together.

Tami said...

There is definitely a good feeling when you get a card or letter in the mail. It's great to email and keep in touch, but getting mail makes you feel more special. It feels like a person taking the time to do it really loves you.

Tami said...

BTW: I love the picture of the kids for your Christmas card.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love Shutterfly!!! (Now if I can just get it in gear and get my cards ordered!) ;)

Love that pic!!!

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