Thursday, November 29, 2012

Friends and Spies

#24 Today I am thankful for: the relationship I have with my parents (and Sour Patch Kids, sushi, and heat).

If you know me, then you know it pretty much goes without saying that I am extremely close to my parents. Marty often jokes that it is time for me to cut the metaphorically "cord."

We live within 20 minutes of them, and while I don't see or even talk to them every day, I love them dearly--not just as my parents, but, now as an adult, as friends.

Tonight, all went on a "double date" to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall, and next week, when it's time to celebrate my birthday, they'll join us for dinner and a show.

As I look forward to the future, I pray that one day Emily and Drew will have a similar relationship with us. We'll always be their parents first, but it sure would be nice if they also consider us cool enough to hang out with as friends.

#25 Today I am thankful for: new traditions(Christmas music, crock pots, and trash cans).

Last year I finally bought into the whole Elf on a Shelf phenomenon despite the fact that my kids were way too young to be coerced by the threat of a creepy, nosy elf who spies and snitches to Santa on their comings and goings.

This year, after a particularly rough day alone with toddlers, I was willing to give it a go.

As we read the book that goes along with the set, Emily and Drew appeared fascinated by the little plastic doll.

When we got to the page that tells them not to touch the elf, well--I re-read that page about 4 times (as Drew reached out repeatedly to squeeze the elf's neck).

At one point, I stopped and asked Emily and Drew what they wanted Santa to bring them.

Drew quickly piped up, "Choo Choo train!"

"Emily, what would you like Santa to bring you?"

In the most serious voice ever, Emily whispers, "Candy."

Flash forward a couple of pages when we are asked to name our elf...

"What would you like to name our elf?"


Meet our new elf, Candy.


amoryg said...

Perfect elf name. That's what the eat to survive, right?! ;) Happy holiday season!

Beth said...

I love Candy! What a cute elf name :-)

Colleen said...

lol, better than polka dot!! So fun though - they will look forward to it as they get older.

Kerry said...

I want candy too ;)

RoryBore said...

Perfect name!!
I too have been hesitant to start this particular tradition. Plus, they are impossible to find around here.

Tami said...

The elf is just creepy looking! If I was a kids, I'd be freaked out! Although 'Candy' IS a cute name.

Did you like Skyfall? I loved it, hubby said it was too long (but he always falls asleep during a movie, so I don't get how he knows how long a movie really is).

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