Friday, November 2, 2012

Counting my gifts: a Friday Confessional

#2 Today I am thankful for: individuality and uniqueness. (And for yummy cupcakes and a husband who can change flat tires).

I confess: I can't dance. Shoot, many days it's all I can do to walk without falling over. Today, was not one of those days. I slipped in the cupcake shop and landed on my left knee. No worries. I saved the cupcakes! I might not always be graceful, but I get the job done.

I confess: I can't sing either, but I don't mind making a joyful noise and my kids think I am a rock star.

I confess: I can't cook, but I can follow almost any recipe. And if I can't find a recipe, or don't have the time, I will drive across town to buy what I need (like those cupcakes from GiGi's this morning).

I confess: I have been accused of being overly emotional, but that same emotion makes me empathetic to the troubles of others.

I confess: I am often impulsive, but I find that impulsivity is balanced out by my propensity for reflection and my willingness to say "I'm sorry."

I confess: Math and science are not my thing. I barely made it out of geometry and even failed calculus, but reading and writing have always come easily. Thanks, Mama.

I confess: I am a plant-killer, but I am a killer mom. My plants might be withering from neglect but my babies thrive!

I confess: I haven't always made friends easily, but the friends I do make tend to be lifelong ones.

I confess: I struggle to make it to places on time, but if I tell you I'll do something, I usually do.

I confess: I may seem to gloss over details at first, but it's only because I like to see the big picture first.

I confess: I am not handy or mechanical. I still call my husband or my daddy to fix things, like the flat tire I had this morning, but I can clean a house like nobody's business.

I confess: I don't always lead but I have a knack for figuring out who to follow.

I confess:I spent way too many years (and tears) comparing myself to others, but I've come to love myself--imperfections and all. As a mother, and especially a mother to a daughter, I realize that, by example, I am teaching her how to love (or loathe) herself. I choose love.

Last year, during the holiday season, I asked various bloggers and family members to help me create a series of guest posts called "Unwrapping Our Gifts."

The topic of the posts was simple: we each have God-given gifts. What better time to share these gifts with others than the holiday season?

Each contributor wrote a post that showcased his/her gifts and was related to the holiday season in some way.

Ginger wrote about the time she found out the truth about Santa.

Tasha shared her family's Christmas Jar tradition.

DVR Dame shared her favorite Christmas movies (and there was even a giveaway)!

Chrissy shared her personal NICU story and reminded us all of the importance of paying it forward.

Brad shared some humorous, yet helpful, tips for surviving the holidays.

Christina recounted the emotions surrounding changing holiday traditions.

Mandy sent us all rushing to bake when she revealed her secret recipe for holiday goodies.

Jen opened up her home and took us inside her annual holiday get-together with the girls.

The big man himself, my husband, Marty, even contributed by sharing the coolest gift he ever received: becoming a father.

Finally, we took the party all the way into the new year, as Johannah shared her Noon Year's Eve kids' party.

As you can see, I know some pretty awesome people, each blessed with equally awesome talents!

This year, as I prepare to unveil "Unwrapping Our Gifts: Second Edition," let me encourage you--the awesome, wonderful YOU, to join the gift-giving.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Email me or leave me a comment letting me know you'd like to participate.
  • Start thinking about what your gifts are and how you could share those in the form of a blog post.
  • Type your post and email it to me, along with any pictures, and
  • Voila! I'll publish your post right here on MaMe Musings during the month of December.

    You don't have to be a blogger to participate (although bloggers are always welcome)! The more, the merrier!


    Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

    Are we allowed to repeat or is it a one and done deal? If I can think of something as awesome as my Noon Years Eve party, I'd love to score another guest post spot. ;)

    And, trips don't count unless you hit the ground, right?

    Kerry said...

    I love your confessions, I just adore you and your blog. You keep it real and I think we would be really great IRL friends too!!
    I will start thinking about my post and get it to you asap :)

    Tasha said...

    I love your confessions! You are the best! Can't wait to help with the gifts. Do you want a new one?

    amoryg said...

    I love your confessions too. Sometimes the most wonderful people are too hard on themselves.

    Colleen said...

    I love these! looking forward to reading these.

    Leigh Powell Hines said...

    What a fabulous idea! E-mail me, and help me come up with something I may need some prodding because I'm not sure what I"m good at except finding expensive hotels for vacations. :)

    Tami said...

    Ouch! Is your knee okay? Glad to hear your saved the cupcakes!
    Your confessions have a little bit of 'me' in them. ;-)

    Olusola said...

    I have one more confession for you: your faith is evidenced in the kindness of your words and actions on your blog. You're not quoting 50 million verses of scripture, but a few minutes of interacting with you and THE light is obvious.

    And thank you for not leaving me alone in the non-cooking blogger category :)

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