Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Connected Mama

#14 Today I am thankful for: technology (and for unexpected surprises like a huge shopping mall right beside my hotel).

As promised, I pushed through the day, determined to find something to be grateful for while I shivered my way through this out-of-town work trip.

After putting on my gratitude glasses, I started to see that this hotel gig wasn't all bad.

For one, these "dream" beds rock! I couldn't decide if it was the inner coils, the memory foam, or the fact that I didn't wake up with four toddler feet in my side. Regardless, I am plotting how to stuff this thing in the trunk of my Honda.

This place knows how to earn a customer for life--Caffe Verona filter packs for the personal-sized coffee pot!

Not that I wasn't grateful, but if I could make just one suggestion, Mr. Hotel Purchasing Man--buy bigger coffee pots and leave more filter packs. That small mug is for wimps. Who needs only two servings??

After a long day on site, all I wanted to do

Well, that wasn't my first choice, but my GPS experienced user-error, and the next thing I knew, I was smack-dab in the middle of a mall parking lot!

Nothing like a little Kohl's perusing (and maybe a little purchasing) before heading off to a dinner all by myself. I tried to look inconspicuous--you know-- like I get to go out to eat all by myself all the time.

This became an even bigger challenge once my cell phone died because then I couldn't occupy myself with Facebook, Words with Friends, or Scramble.

In other words, I had to act like people did back in the dark ages before cell phones.


I ordered a glass of wine, propped my fist under my chin, and tried to look pensive instead of forlorn.

After experiencing this slight interruption in connectivity, I scurried back to my hotel room to recharge and reconnect.

Ah, social media. How I missed you. (Did I mention that one of the rules of being on this site visit team is NO technology?? Seriously, I deserve a raise).
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So many e-cards, cartoons, and pithy quotes to "like."

So many status updates and uploaded photos to review.

So many emails and blog posts unread.

It was shaping up to look like any other night in front of the ole' computer.

However, tonight, I decided to finally use the FaceTime feature on my i-phone to call home and talk to Marty and the babies.

I just have one question for Apple, though, about FaceTime...if y'all are so smart, why can't you create something that doesn't make me look like I am appearing in a line-up??

Fortunately, my kiddos didn't care. They talked to me about their day, showed me the outfits they picked out all by themselves, and even blew me kisses. (Well, Drwe actually kissed the phone, so I will give Apple credit for at least making a slobber-proof phone if nothing else).

So, today, I say thank you technology. You might suck away my time and my brain cells, but you also keep me connected to those I love. Fair trade, I'd say.


Christy Fipps said...

Love the "mug" shot!!

Susi Kleiman said...

Sounds like heaven. I've been seriously plotting a mommy only getaway for just a day or two. I feel like I need to recharge without constant interruptions! :) Enjoy that heavenly bed and facetime.

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

You crack me up! I hate that face time and skype make me look so awful too. :) Or perhaps they just show me how awful I'm looking these days...

Enjoy the extra YOU time!

Colleen said...

nothing like a little shopping to break things up! you make me laugh with the mug shot. enjoy the "me" time.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Isn't Face Time the best? I don't like looking at myself while using it though! lol And those new hotel beds are insanely comfy?

RoryBore said...

we've had Skype for some time..and my laptop has a camera, but since I Never Leave The House, the recent blogging conference was the first time I had ever actually Skyped.

It is quite handy I must say.

Kerry said...

Hehe I totally agree :)
Oh boy, and to think you had a spare bed in that room that wasn't occupied, how I could do with a good night's sleep without invasions by little people too!
Glad you enjoyed your little bit of time away, and unconnected lol

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Playing catch up. Guess you're back home. Are you in a Sheraton brand? Or Starwood brand?

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