Tuesday, October 9, 2012

(When) The Spice is (not) Right

Basil or bay leaf?

Cardamom or coriander?

Tumeric or thyme?

Chances are, if the recipe calls for it, I don't have it. It's just the roll of the cooking spice dice.

It's not that this struggling, non-cook doesn't have quite the collection of spices. On the contrary, I have quite a few spices in the cabinet due to my lack of confidence in improvisational cooking skills my penchant for following recipe directions.

Need some cream of tartar? Dill weed? Marjoram? Fennel seed?

I've got it.

But, apparently, I am all out of nutmeg.

So, last night, when it appeared the pumpkin banana muffins were going to be nutmeg-less, I did what any clueless modern mom would do: I turned to the internet.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Curious, I wondered if another spice might be substituted for nutmeg.

Turns out, you can substitute almost any spice. And, you can even print out a handy chart Pin a helpful link to help you remember.

Instead of nutmeg, I used allspice, and the muffins were no-nutmeg delicious!

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Anne said...

They look delicious...I can only imagine the gorgeous smell:)

Miss Megan said...

YUM! I never know what I can substitute either and Dr. Google is my best friend in those situations! HA! Glad I'm not alone there...=)

RoryBore said...

good thing I read this -- I would have tried cinnamon. wrong. although perhaps still tasty, but a little bit of that spice goes a long way.
must be why I love Chai: it has allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon!

Tami said...

I have nutmeg, but no all-spice. Wanna swap? ;-)

Kerry said...

I often have out of date spices in my rack lol

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