Friday, October 5, 2012

What we have here is a failure to communicate

(Drew with a cup full of chips, cramming more into the his cup from the bag)
Marty: Drew, you already have chips in your cup.
(Sticking his hand in the bag again)
Drew: Now I have more!

Marty: You going to eat that burrito or hold it?
Emily: Hold it.

(Emily riding piggyback on Marty in the pool)
Emily: Daddy, I need a break.

Me: Let’s go to the pool.
Emily: Wait, I have to check my email.
Drew: I got to check my email, too.
(Both climb up to computers)

(waiting on the dock to board the boat)
Me: We have to wait for all the people to get off first.
Drew: Get off.

(climbing into the blue car)
Emily: Drew, get in. We’re going to Papa’s house.

(leaving Epcot after a long, hot day)
Drew: I want to ride the big ball.
Marty: How can I resist that sweet face?
Me: Easy. Keep walking. He’ll forget in 5 minutes.
(5 minutes later)
Drew: I want to ride the big ball.


Beth said...

I love it! So funny.

I laughed out loud at Emily needing a break while Marty carries her around the pool. Ha! That must have been exhausting for her!

Mine tell me they need to check their email too. Oops! No idea where they learned that...

Kelly said...

That's hilarious! LOL Toddlers say the funniest things!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

So cute, and my son loved that big ball. Are you all just getting back? Where did you stay?

Kerry said...

I adore the things your sweet kids say!!!

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