Friday, October 5, 2012

The Real Debate

On Wednesday, our Disney adventure continued as we finally made it to Magic Kingdom. While I think Emily and Drew would have been happy just riding the monorail all day long, we pushed ahead, arriving early enough to see the opening ceremony, which turned out to be worth the few minutes of sleep I lost.

With so much to do at this Mickey park, the real debate of the day wasn't the one between two candidates in Colorado; it was the debate over what was the most fun part of Magic Kingdom.

Buzz for President! Even though Emily and Drew have never seen Toy Story, they enjoyed meeting Buzz Lightyear, and it was the one character encounter where Drew didn't go right for the nose.

Aunt Windy and GG joined us for our Magic Kingdom adventures, and it didn't take much persuasive rhetoric from Emily and Drew to convince them to take a spin on the Tomorrowland Speedway. For Drew, only a red race would do!

Any way you spin it, the carousel rocked!

Forget counting potential votes; Emily and Drew much preferred counting the steps in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse!

Who needs Airforce One when you can take a ride on Aladdin's Magic Carpet?

Unfortunately, the best part of our day at Magic Kingdom occurred far away from the prying eyes and flashing cameras of the media hounds and paparazzi. Stay tuned to hear a campaign insider spill the details of Drew's encounter with Cinderella and his fairy tale first kiss.


Tami said...

Very cute spin on the debate. I love Drew's expression in the treehouse. Our boys climbed those same steps.

Kerry said...

You have got to get a copy of Toy Story for them, one of the best children's movies ever!! :)

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