Thursday, October 18, 2012

The puck stops here

Ah. Fall in North Carolina.

With the seasons being so fickle here, you can't always tell fall has arrived by the crispness of the air. For me, I know it's fall and October when the State Fair arrives and the Carolina Hurricanes' hockey season starts.

After last Friday night's visit to the fair, with the obligatory stops at Charlie Barefoot's and the roasted corn stand, I could finally say welcome fall, y'all. Almost.

What about the Canes' opening night at the RBC Center PNC Arena?

Oh, that's right.

Apparently, there's a NHL lock-out going on, as ridiculously wealthy owners fight with ridiculously wealthy players over--yep, you guessed it--money.

And, from eavesdropping on my husband, Marty's, intense rants phone conversations today, it seems negotiations have once again fallen apart, threatening a repeat of 2004-2005, when the whole season was canceled.

I confess: the prospect makes me, well, (shhh..., don't tell Marty) almost...giddy.

Before the pucks start flying in my direction, let me explain.

I confess: From the beginning of our early dating days, I knew Marty was a hockey fan.

I confess: Before meeting Marty, I had been to a total of two hockey games in my entire life, so my knowledge of the game was rather limited.

I confess: At first, I thought his enthusiasm for the game was endearing. He certainly wasn't afraid of at least some kind of commitment.

I confess: I should have known his "enthusiasm" was a bit on the obsessive extreme side when he asked me if I had ever seen the movie Fever Pitch...
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...and then proceeded to have us watch his own personal copy of it on date night.

I confess: At that point it did occur to me that I might not have been the first girl he had tried to warn.
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I confess: I wasn't swayed. In fact, I enjoyed those early dates to hockey games: great seats, free beer, cozy snuggling, and on-the-ice fights.

I confess: As our relationship progressed, it didn't take getting hit in the head with a hockey puck to realize that this hockey thing was destined to cause us a few off-the-ice altercations.

I confess: Initially, I didn't understand that, for a season ticket holder, hockey becomes a full-time job. There are 82 games a year--41 at home and 41 others that must be viewed in front of a big screen TV (preferably in a bar) or in extreme instances, piped into the car through one of XM Radio's many hockey channels. And, that's not even counting play-offs.

I confess: I can't think of many things I want to do 82 times a year. And, if I could, I can guarantee you, watching hockey is not one of them.

Don't get me wrong.

I confess: I really have grown to enjoy hockey. (Therapists call the process I experienced conditioning).

I confess: after 7 years, I finally realize icing has nothing to do with cakes, hooking isn't something that just happens on street corners, and slashing is only good when it comes to prices.

I confess: I even partially conceived my kids in a hockey arena.

I confess: I contemplated waiting until the end of this post to explain that last confession. Got to keep the reader's interest, right??

(I won't make you wait, lest you click away, thinking I got busy in a hockey arena. During our fertility treatments, I was due to take my last shot in the middle of first intermission. Rather than miss the game, we packed my injectibles and visited the arena's first aid station where Marty gave me my last dose ever. That, folks, is dedication).

I confess: now that we have kids, hockey has become even more of an issue. Guess who's doing dinner, baths, and bed--alone--41 times a year? Guess who would rather use the babysitter for something other than a night at the arena? And guess who thinks it's insane that we now have to pay for tickets for the Babies if we want to take them to the game?

I confess:I feigned interest as Marty has tried to explain the details of this lock-out to me.

I confess:I just want to know the real bottom line--how much longer am I free?


Kelly said...

Injections at the arena?! That's hilarious...although I am sure it wasn't at the time!
That's pretty much how my hubs is about UGA least it is only 12/13 times a year!

Awn said...

I'm feeling Marty's pain right now. And the fact that I only really had the Dallas Stars to watch down here to begin with was bad enough!!!!

Beth said...

I love it!

Rod doesn't really follow hockey at all, but he is a die-hard baseball-- specifically the Cincinnati Reds-- fan. Yep, 162 games per year. I do enjoy baseball, just not quite at Rod's level. When Will was around 3-4 and it became clear that he is left handed, Rod decided that Will would be a pitcher for the Reds one day. Sadly, the Reds were eliminated from the playoffs last week. I was sad to see our team lose, but more than that, I knew the next few days were going to be rough watching Rod go through all of the stages of grief. Oh yeah, we saw disbelief, anger... they were all there. We are finally at acceptance, but barely. ;-)

I'll keep me finger crossed for you that those owners and players don't reach a settlement!

-- Oh and I took my last fertility injection in a parking garage before going in to see the musical Wicked. The things we did to get our sweet babies...

Tasha said...

I am laughing about the injection. I don't remember doing mine in crazy places. It seems that part of my life has been blocked away.
You are a good wife! And that is all I have to say about the hockey. Oh and that it is FUN to watch :)

Tami said...

Oh dear friend, I am so disappointed! I can feel the hockey stick being stabbed in my back. This hockey chick is just as angry about the lock out as your husband.
I am surprised he hasn't had your watch 'Miracle'. Perhaps he has and you have blocked it out.
This season ticket holder would love to see more than 82 games. Well if you count all the hockey games my son plays… I do get to see a minimum of 125 games in one season.
*Icing - haha!
This devilish Hockey Mom is casting a hockey spell: May your son pick up a stick and begs for hockey skates at the age of 4 (like my baby did).

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Once upon a time, there was an adoring wife who encouraged her husband to upgrade his cable TV package to include the soccer channel. "Go ahead, Honey. I know you'll enjoy it," she told him.

That wife apparently didn't realize that soccer is played 11 months of the year...and in the miniscule off-season, there are "classic" games to watch and enjoy.

That wife didn't realize that, in effect, she'd be losing her TV privileges forever...that she'd basically be reduced to a couple of hours of DVR every week...*when* said DVR wasn't in use to record multiple soccer games at once.

What was I thinking???????

I guess I can only hope for a strike??? Hahaha!!!

Jen Forbes said...

Marty sounds like my brother. My sister in law isn't buying it though, so he just brings the kids to the games!! Just a little glimpse of your future when the twins get older and daddy needs some company at the games..

Olusola said...

Girl, you had my imagination running at the conceived in a hockey rink line :). My life is this way but with english soccer and the NBA. June and July are my only free months in the year. Sigh!

RoryBore said...

Ok, so you know I AM Canadian, eh?

Gonna have to side on Marty with this one. I see nothing wrong with 41 hockey games a year, and all the others on big screen. haha And hockey-widows everywhere now hate me! LOL

I feel your pain Marty and I think you should take over the blog for a post so we can rant together. Agh, Bettman. Why, why, why?

I bet the babes look so cute in their mini hockey jersey's though. You do have the mini jersey's, right? :)

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