Saturday, October 6, 2012

See you real soon

In honor of our last day of vacation, here's the song that started lots of dances in our house and spurred us to visit Mickey and his friends sooner rather than later...

See you real soon!

Linking up this song that always makes me sing with the fabulous Ginger's "Songs That Make US Sing Saturday"!

Random Facts for the Curious:

"The Hot Dog Song" is actually sung by the alternative band "They Might Be Giants."

As much as my kiddos love this song, they don't actually eat hot dogs (except on a rare occasion). It's one of the few neurotic mommy hang-ups that I haven't been able to shake!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Very catchy tune...I can't stop singing it...LOL!

Thanks for linking up, we missed you!


Tori Peterson said...

Very good song! As soon as my computer played the video the kids were dancing along and I joined them! haha
Following from the songs that make us sing saturday link up!

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