Friday, October 26, 2012

Scares My Socks Off

I confess: I like to decorate the house for fall.

I confess: this little fellow came in a bag of pumpkin decorating supplies and he has scared the daylights out of me more than once.

I confess: my children may have been caught walking around with this plastic rodent's tail hanging out of their mouth. Maybe the floor isn't so bad after all...

I confess: Seeing them with the rat hanging out of the mouth repulsed me while simultaneously making me wish I had a camera to capture the moment. Hey, it's just a plastic rat.

I confess: there was a time in my life (read more here) when I also decorated my body for the holidays.
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I confess: I also used to have a thing for funky socks. Yes, I wore funky socks and holiday sweaters--but not usually at the same time. I was teacher-cool. It was my thing. Well, the socks more than the sweaters. I was living on a new teacher budget. Socks were much cheaper than embellished sweaters.
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I confess: going through my sock drawer (now filled with boring black, brown, and beige socks), I found a pair of my Halloween feet decor.

I confess: I immediately wanted to put them on even though I was a wearing a skirt. I refrained.

I confess: later that day, while in Target, perusing the Dollar Spot, I spotted Halloween socks for kids, and immediately, I asked Emily if she would like a pair. You know, a little mother-daughter coordination.

I confess: I was happy when she said YES! But I was even happier when she said, "Let's get Drew a pair, too!" I love how always thinks to include Drew--so sweet!

I confess: it also made me happy because now we could all three decorate our feet. Marty doesn't need to- they already have their Halloween costume picked out--scary man feet that need a pedicure!

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Tami said...

My BFF wears funky socks for every holiday! Love it!!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, I remember that sweater post!!! LOVE!!! (And I think I admitted having a couple of embellished holiday sweaters...just from the semester I spent in education! Ack! Imagine what a full teaching degree would have done for me!) ;)

I bought the girls socks at Target, too. They're going to flip when they see them on Wednesday morning!!! :)

There's definitely no shame in holiday socks (perhaps if you skip the matching sweater, anyway). ;)

RoryBore said...

Ok...I think we need to start an ugly holiday sweater meme! LOL

But I do love the socks. And funny how we do pass our quirks on to our offspring. My daughter is still wearing her Christmas socks. :)

Anne said...

Love funky socks at any time of year:)Have a good weekend!

Caroline said...

loved the post...I had a thing for funky socks too! =]

Susi Kleiman said...

So cute. I like getting socks for the kids at the dollar section at Target... they have them for most holidays. Middle loves wearing all kinds of funky knee socks!!! :)

Kerry said...

Such a cute picture!!
And I am totally picturing you in an embellished sweater lol

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