Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Like a fish out of water

After being on the go here at Mickey's parks, Tuesday found us ready to rest, with nothing planned but a day of being lazy here at our resort.

Curious as to how we spent the time?

Random fact for the curious: The expression "a fish out of water" is a pretty old one. Chaucer even used a version of it in the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales. (Source)

Another one for any curious Finding Nemo fans out there: A 3-D version of this favorite is out now while a sequel is in the works for 2016. (Source)

After swimming with fish, we did our best to try to feed catch one.

Curious about where cane poles come from? Before fiberglass poles, poles were often made with "split Tonkin bamboo, Calcutta reed, ash wood, hickory, iron wood, maple, lance wood, or malacca cane." These materials allowed the poles to be light and flexible yet tough. (Source)

Curious as to why fishing is sometimes called angling? In Medieval England, fishing poles were called angles. (Source)

Marty's Disney Tip of the Day: When planning your Disney vacation, be sure to build in a couple of days just to rest and to enjoy the amenities of your resort or hotel. You've paid for them, so why not take advantage of them?


Tami said...

I have been enjoying seeing all the pictures on Facebook. It looks like you, hubby and the kids are all having a great time!
and Drew was SOOOO picking Mickey's Nose in that one photo. LOL

Olusola said...

Ha! I always thought angling was some fancy type of fishing. Now I know :)

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