Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm expecting...

...a big response to this post.

(Forgive me if my title was a bit misleading. I may have resorted to misdirection in a lame attempt to get you to click on this post).

Now that you are here, hopefully you are curious as to what was so important to cause me to give my husband a near-heart attack at the mention of expecting.

You may recall that my 12 in 2012 value this month is curiosity.

When I started this blog, I had no expectation that people would actually read my musings. It truly was an outlet for me, a record of this amazing experience called motherhood.

I hit share on Facebook thinking my close family and friends would enjoy seeing what new things the babies were doing. Then, I started expanding my circle by following and interacting with other mommy bloggers.

To this day, I smile every time someone comments on a post or likes my link.

I am always amazed and flattered when someone tells me they read MaMe Musings. Who knew my readers included an uncle, a friend I haven't seen in years, a former colleague, a friend of my mom.

I look at my Google stats and I see visitors from all over: Canada, the UK, India, Ukraine, Russia.

It's kind of funny to look at the search terms that have led some curious readers to my site: cousin it, zumba Thanksgiving, 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound, solitude.

All of this got me thinking, made me curious.

Who are my readers?

Sure, I can see who comments, who follows through Google Friend Connect, and who likes MaMe's Facebook page.

But what about those readers who remain in the shadows until our chance encounter at the grocery store?

In an effort to satisfy my curiosity, I've devised a scheme giveaway to encourage my readers to come out and show themselves!

Entering is simple!

1. If you are on Google, FOLLOW through Google Friend Connect AND then leave a comment--say hi, tell us what you like about MaMe Musings, crack a joke, pose a question. Whatever. Just let us know you're there!

2. If you usually get here through Facebook, LIKE MaMe Musings' Facebook page AND then leave a comment--again, say hi, tell us what you like about MaMe Musings, crack a joke, pose a question. Whatever. Just let us know you're there!

Are you curious about the prize?

Good because it's a mystery!

One lucky reader will win a MaMe Musings' mystery gift basket--full of items that have been mentioned in my blog at one time or another!

I'll close the entries on October 31 and will announce the winner on November 1.

Can't wait to SEE you!


Jodi said...

I know you. For reals! So nice to keep up, even though we don't work together anymore.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I can't imagine the FIRST comment on this post will win anything (although I've been proven wrong before)...but somebody had to get this party started, right?

And you might know I'm a sucker for a surprise! :)

Oh, and I follow you on GFC and FB and Pinterest...and probably Twitter? I haven't been on in ages, but if I were on, I'd be tweeting you up! HA!

Tami said...

Ahem… just remember when you announce the winner… my birthday is November 1st… No pressure picking a winner… =D

Your blog brings me smiles. I brighten on the outside and inside when reading your posts. Some are funny, some a inspiring, some are heartbreaking. I love learning about your family and the adventures they have.

Brad Jenkins said...

I do love misdirection!

Julia said...

What a fun idea, Melissa! :)

I think I follow you everywhere----facebook, pinterest, GFC; that way I always keep up with you and your littles :)

Samantha said...

Great idea! I follow on gfc and fb. I love the twin connection because only other twin moms can truly get "it".

RoryBore said...

I already follow you through GFC and Facebook....heck, I'd follow you anywhere! :)

What I love most about visiting here is that I always feel genuinely welcomed. Like you'd open the door wide, pull me in for a big hug, and then make my a coffee (ha and duh!) Your genuine spirit always gives my spirits a lift.

So, I'm not upset at all about a little misdirection ;)

Kelly said...

I follow you through GFC and I need to like you on FB!
It is nice following along with a fellow b/g twin Mom!

Beth said...

I follow you through GFC and on FB. I have for a long time and still always look forward to 'hearing' from you.
I enjoy you enough to forgive a little misdirection ;-)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

You know I love you. I stalk you on every venue (except twitter... I think I'm too old.) :P

Olusola said...

Girl, you know I stalk you from all corners of the interwebs. :) Though I've sort of ditched facebook for mild tweeting a while back.

Seriously though, I love your blog because you keep things real & I can relate to that

christina said...

i've been a crappy commenter lately but i do ready always (via google reader). xoxo

Trish said...

Thank you for the post on my blog! I love your blog, i need to check in more often!

Caroline said...

what a fun idea, love it! =]

amoryg said...

I follow you on my Blogger thing a ma gig. ;)

I can't think of a funny joke at the moment though.

Leigh Powell Hines said...


As you can tell I try to visit when I see links on facebook, but miss them, too so I try to catch up in google on I saw your headline and was going to say, "Oh my goodness, I missed this news. Congrats".

I enjoy your blog. I love your confessions. I was reading on a whim the other day so I need to go back and soak your Halloween ones in.

Susi Kleiman said...

What a cute idea. I can't believe I haven't followed you yet on FB and GFC... I do now!!! :)

Colleen said...

You know I am reading : )
Catching up on all my reading now that we are back from FL.

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