Monday, October 15, 2012

How to throw a pumpkin party

Step One: Gather necessary decorating materials. After scouring your (rarely used) craft stash for washable paint, head to your nearest Dollar Tree to stock up on cheap stickers, stencils, and other spooky spoils.

Step Two: While you are out, Have your husband whip up make a couple of crock pots full of chili.

Step Three: Invite your friends and family to gather all their pumpkins in a central location.

Step Four: Cover all surfaces with a disposable drop cloth and get to carving--after you clean out your pumpkin innards, of course!

Step Five: Kiddos too young for sharp objects? Give them some paint instead and watch them go!

and go...

Step Six: Papa too cool for carving pumpkins the old-fashioned way? Let him bring his power tools and show the rest of you how to really carve a pumpkin.

Step Seven: Tell them it's a competition and watch the inner pumpkin decorating divas emerge! What's the prize? Just what you've always wanted--more chili and a(nother) picture taken by Aunt Issa!

Step Eight: Stand back and admire the handiwork.

Step Nine: Celebrate a night of fun by cramming as many people as you can on the couch for a family picture.

Step Ten: Clean up what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow (or the next day).


Tami said...

Haunted House wins 1st Prize! It looks like your family had a fabulous time. Is this an annual tradition?

Beth said...

So much fun!!

We haven't had our pumpkin carving party in a couple of years. I really miss it.

Looks like you guys had a great time and ended up with some really cute pumpkins.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

You guys are awesome!!! I love the chaos that you let happen in your house...that's where memories are made!

P.S. Can I please be your neighbor? Or better yet, can you claim me and my duo as long, lost cousins? I wanna play!!! ;)

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