Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Boating, Balls, & Slides

Today we voted or as Emily and Drew exclaimed, "We BOATED!"

Go boat-- I mean-- vote, folks!

After leaving the boating voting booth, we went with daddy for haircuts at Sport Clips. While we were waiting, Emily and Drew entertained themselves by "reading" the various magazines, brochures, and newspapers.

Drew brought us a brochure, opened it to the third page, and pointed to the picture and said, "Look! Big Ball! I ride big ball with daddy."

Why, yes! It is the big ball, and yes! You did ride the big ball with daddy!

This kid amazes me.

Not only did he remember our recent Epcot adventures where we rode the big ball, he was able to pick out this small picture in some random brochure and make an immediate connection.

I love seeing their minds work!

Emily wasn't about to let Drew be the only one reading and getting attention for it.

She was quick to point out that she saw a slide and how much she loves slides!

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post where I get curious about my readers and where I announce a new GIVEAWAY!


RoryBore said...

With 3 under my feet you'd think I'd be over surprises, but it still amazes me what their little minds can do. ZooZoo talks about things she did beforeshe was able to articulate what it was: but she remembers and now calls it forth.
truly amazing lil sponges aren't they?

Colleen said...

they are so cute Melissa. I love drew's really blond hair!

Tasha said...

They are growing up Momma! I also love to see children's minds at work. It is truly an amazing of the many reason I love homeschooling :)
Did you say giveaway?!

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