Sunday, October 7, 2012

All ears...A Disney Confessional

On building Disney fans

I confess: the first TV show Emily and Andrew ever watched was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Besides Chuggington, it's still the only TV show they watch.

I confess: it's absolutely adorable to watch them do the "Hotdog Dance."

I confess: since they haven't watched more Disney, their knowledge of characters is somewhat limited; therefore, the decision to go to Disney was a bit selfish on our part.

I confess: Marty and I love Disney, and we couldn't wait to share the experience with them.

I confess:While the characters were a big hit, so were many other (less creepy, less expensive) things.

On making memories

I confess: while we were in the place where dreams come true, we might have created a few nightmares, too, as we underestimated the fear factor of A Bug's Life.

I confess: watching Cinderella blow Drew a kiss and then Drew, unprompted, blowing her one back totally cancelled out the bad bug experience.

I confess: The trip was everything we had hoped it would be, full of priceless memories. One of the best parts of the trip was all the one-on-one time we were able to spend together. However,

I confess:I now want to go on vacation again--all by myself-- to a faraway island, with no crowds, no kids, and more booze and more age-appropriate entertainment for mommy.

On strolling
I confess: Marty is a wussy stroller pusher. I, on the other hand, might be classified as an aggressive driver. Perhaps that is why one guy called my stroller a Hummer...

I confess: Stroller parking at Disney is kind of like picking up your luggage from the carousel at the airport. No matter how unique you think your stroller is, 47 other people have the same one. Next time, I am tying some helium balloons to mine.

On taking the girl out of the country

I confess: Marty and I ate dinner at Victoria and Albert's on Thursday night.

I confess: it was, quite possibly, the best meal I have ever eaten.

I confess: Apparently, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl, because...

I confess: Even after googling all the way home today, I still don't know the proper way to eat the chilled melon soup. It was soup served in a cup with a handle.

I confess: I eventually just turned it up.

I confess: At the end of the meal, as I rested my hand over my distended belly, Marty eyed me mockingly and replied, "nice." I responded with a big, ole belly laugh.

On experiencing a vacation hangover
I confess: After waiting in line queues/people snakes all week, I will probably find the transition back to a free-roaming human a bit disturbing.

I confess: I will have to resist the urge to ask for a Fast Pass when in line at the grocery store.

I confess: After eating and drinking like only one on vacation can, I dread the transition back to feeding on a normal schedule and being responsible for prep and clean-up.

I confess:It might take me twice as long to unpack as it to pack. Let's hope I didn't forget as much stuff on the return trip as I did on the trip there.

I confess:If I thought I could figure out how to use this coffee contraption they had at Victoria and Albert's, I would consider buying one. Since I don't have the coordination (or the cash), I will happily settle for my Keurig tomorrow morning.

On parenting

I confess:to telling Emily and Drew that things like the train or boat were "asleep," so we didn't have to ride them again.

I confess:Emily eventually called us out by telling us, "It is NOT asleep."

I confess:we might have used the bribe, "Do you want to go to Mickey's park or not?" to get them to eat, put on their shoes, close the door, walk not run...

I confess: I told Marty he was going to have to be the one to tell them this morning that we weren't going to a Mickey's park today.

On going back

I confess: A trip to Disney builds your patience. And then it drains every. single. bit. AWAY.

I confess:I never want to go to another park again in my life.

I confess: I can't wait to go back.


Leigh Powell Hines said...

I LOVE THIS POST. GREAT!!!!! Quick read, but am coming back tomorrow to digest more of it.

Kerry said...

hehehe I LOVE it!!! Having been to Disneyland a few times I know exactly what you are talking about lol
Your trip sounds awesome and I love how you tell it, your humour is my cup of tea!
I love reading your posts :)
Happy transitioning back into reality!!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I confess...I love your confession posts!!! :)

OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

LOL, I loved this post and glad you had a great trip. I love Disney and always feel like your last sentences, Never wanting to go back and can't wait to go again! lol.

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