Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silly fish, dancing pee-guins, and a new suit

...And other random “flowers” from the first day of our vacation…

With the car loaded a full day before our Friday departure, we were feeling pretty good about the evolution of our parenting travel skills. Starting to pack a week ahead of time really worked out quite well. Advanced preparation is my first travel tip.

Halfway to my parents’ house where we planned to get final hugs and kisses, we realized that we had scored a huge win by finding a replacement cord for the portable DVD player, but that win was cancelled out by the fact we forgot to bring any DVDs.

Thankfully, Aunt Kelly saved the day with Happy Feet, which three hours into the trip became otherwise known as the “dancing pee-guins.”

Around this same time, we also realized that Marty’s suit, which he needs for our Wednesday night dinner reservations, was still hanging out back at the house with the DVDs we didn’t remember.

Thanks to outlet malls and sales, Marty now owns a new suit. To cover the expense, maybe we’ll skip the wine on Wednesday night.

Who am I kidding?

Marty can just skip his entrée.

Our trip down also included 3 stops at CVS pharmacies because you know it’s not a MaMe vacation until someone gets sick. Both Emily and Drew have runny noses and Emily has a wheezy cough.

While obviously traveling with small kids, and particularly, two- year old twins is a lesson patience and flexibility, it is also a joy to see them notice everything—

-Drew and Emily squealing in delight every time we crossed a bridge or they saw water

-Drew cackling in laughter at the dancing pee-guins falling down

-Emily asking for the silly fish book--you know, Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish.

Ironically, Emily and Drew haven’t yet seen the place we drove nine hours to find.

As we finally pulled into our resort, the Port Orleans Riverside, Drew was just falling asleep. He opened his eyes slightly as we saw Mickey on the entranceway sign. Emily waved to her “Minnie,” and was then out by the time we made it through check-in.

As I type this post, some three hours later, they are still out. Marty and I are both on our computers. If we’d packed the recliners, which might just be one of the few things we didn’t fit into the Highlander, well, it would be like most any other night at MaMe’s house.

The downtime has been just what we needed, though.

We’ve settled in. We’ve brought all of our bags in (finally).

Something tells me the Babies are going to love the room.

We’re in Alligator Bayou, and the rooms are super- cute: headboards of made of trees, lanterns above the beds, and a pull-down bed with a friendly alligator for the kids. The grounds are beautiful. We’re a short walk from the pool, the cane fishing pond, and the nightly campfire. We even have a message from Goofy welcoming us to Disney!

Once they’re up, we’re planning to scout out the rest of the place and ride the boat over to Downtown Disney for dinner.

Unless there’s a customary change in plans.

In which case, we’ll just roll with it.

Marty’ Disney Tip of the Day: Bring cash and use the bell boy to bring your bags to your room. There are no elevators here at Riverside.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Love the play-by-play! Can't wait to read more, and see PICTURES!!! Have FUN!!!!!

Colleen said...

I love this! sounds like the start to our trips!! especially the dvd story!!! have fun!

Kerry said...

Happy travels!!! I love that it all started out just the way our trips would lol, you are keeping it real for us all, thank you ;)
That place sounds wonderful, next time we do Disney, we're doing the East Coast!!

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