Friday, September 7, 2012

Mommy's Bed

I confess: before I became a parent there were many things I vowed never to do. One of them was to let my kids routinely sleep in the bed with us.

I confess: before the Babies were born, I was obsessed about where they would sleep because, well, they weren’t sleeping in the bed with us. And, of course, they had to be able to sleep together because that’s what twins do, right?
Photograph by Lifelong Impressions

I confess: several well-meaning relatives suggested some cost-saving measures to solve the sleeping situation. For example:
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I confess: I insisted on buying matching cherry sleigh cribs when I was just six months pregnant because (1) I was finally ready to fulfill a lifelong desire to decorate a nursery, and (2) In the throes of my extreme nesting mode, I needed to feel prepared in case the babies came early because, clearly, cribs would be oh-so-important in the event of early delivery.

I confess: I still wasn’t satisfied. The cribs seemed so big, so far away from our room.

I confess: against the protests of my husband, I bought a pricey co-sleeper because I was convinced it was necessary in order to have the babies close to me for feeding but not so close that they were actually sleeping with us. It also had to be big enough to accommodate two babies because twin infants sleep together, right? It was supposed to look idyllic--something like this:
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I confess:
gulp-- My husband was right. We didn’t need the co-sleeper. After a couple of nights of trying to climb in and out of the bed around the massive co-sleeper while holding my c-section incision, I decided to ditch it.


I confess: the babies didn’t like it either. In fact, in a moment of desperation that first night, we put them in one of these:

And one of these:

And then one of these:

And finally, hallelujah , TWO of these, where they happily slept APART for nine months or so until they were big enough to crawl out, at which point, we finally used the nursery and its cribs for its intended purpose.

I confess: I (sometimes smugly) bragged about how well the Babies did in their cribs. Sure, we’ve had our moments (See exhibits A, B, and C). But,

I confess: my Babies loved their cribs.


I confess: I couldn’t resist letting their sweet little toddler selves climb in the bed for some snuggling, which led to some sweet sleeping, which led to something like this, but worse, because there were two.
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I confess: it continued because I just couldn’t say no when one of them (1) said “I want to sleep in mommy’s bed--please.” (2) climbed in the bed with a pillow and blanket and looked up at me with those big blue eyes (3) screamed at increasingly deafening levels when we tried to put them back in the cribs, yelling “MOMMY, DADDY!!” over and over and over…

I confess: it hasn’t helped matters that other factors have complicated the sleeping routine such as vacations and changing daycare classes.

I confess: we had to draw the line, starting with the line between our room and their room.

I confess: we completed night 2 of the transition back to our cribs. We now have two babies back in their cribs. Kind of…Emily insists on sleeping in Drew’s crib. With Drew. Finally, two years later, it looks like I have twins who actually share a crib.


Samantha said...

That last photo is priceless. Twins are awesome!!!!

christina said...

hysterical!! :)

Jen Forbes said...

We put the crib in the room with us for the first few months. Never got a lick of sleep since every time each of our boys moved we'd both jump.

Like every other parent we'd finally take them each in the bed in desperation. Just like the diagram we all do it. It's ridiculous especially now that i'm doing it all over again with my cats LOL!

Colleen said...

I love this!!! I can relate to alot of it minus the fact I had a singleton and not twins! C sleeps in our bed and it's been a hard battle. he is a cuddler and both my husband and I love that about him. Plus he has never been hard to sleep with. He keeps to himself!!! ha! It's getting to be time though and I am going to have to be doing the same! good for you for getting it done. Love that last picture.

Kelly said...

LOVE the last picture! and that they want to sleep together!!

Olusola said...

Love the last photo. My girls are so all over the bed that I've never been able to survive them being in bed with us for more than a couple of hours.

This post deserves a like button

RoryBore said...

I had a baby bassinette that I could carry my babies around the house in...they slept wherever, whenever in that thing. And it also attached to a rocking cradle thing that was in our room beside the bed. It was easier in the beginning because I had a C section, and for breastfeeding - especially since I am mostly alone at night due to hubby's shift work.
But I am the meanest mom ever, I think. 3-5 months was the max time allowed in that bassinette beside our bed - then off to your crib - In Your Own Room. And that's where you'll stay. And I've pretty much stuck to it - even though, I have the extra room in the bed. I don't let them in.
I'm a selfish, rotten bed-hogging mama! LOL
In my defense, hubby could come home at 3 am..and well, mama might get "woken up". How else would I get 3 kids?? ;)

Miss Megan said...

LOL!!! Our girls never slept together....Baby A would talk in her sleep (even at a week old) and would wake up Baby just wasn't worth it!
Luckily, both of ours are still in cribs...for now. I have to keep reminding myself to tell them know when they finally do ask to climb into bed with mommy and daddy because it is SO hard to break those habits once you start! You go girl - 2 nights isn't bad!! AND, they look super cute sleeping together =). So sweet!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

What a great post!

Love the last picture. :) Two little sweethearts.

Tami said...

I used a bassinet with all three of my babies until they got big enough for the crib. I didn't have them all at once though. One baby at a time for this chick!

KERRY said...

Hehehehe full circle lol And look how sweet they look together :)
I love that image of parents and child in the bed lol, that is too funny!!

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