Monday, September 17, 2012

Just Keeping It Real

Even though I don't do Zumba, I could totally relate to this:

Perception can sometimes be so far from reality.

Nowhere is this truth more apparent than in the world of social media.

How many times do you find yourself looking at status updates, pictures, or blog posts, comparing your reality to someone else's projection of reality?

So, when Julia of Pontifications of a Twin Mom suggested that we share our real lives--our real messes--for this week's Mama Loves, well, I was more than happy to oblige. Maybe because I have so many real messes to share.

Be forewarned, though...

Photo lines I made for the Babies' second birthday party (from 3 months ago) that I just took down that have finally have made it as far as the kitchen table

Leftovers from tonight's dinner. Meal Plan, 0. Eating Out, 1.

Remnants of a Pinterest project

Story time gone awry because both of them wanted to hold the book

Beige recliners purchased before children when light- colored furniture seemed like a good idea

Unfolded laundry hidden in the guest bedroom

Dead geranium still hanging on the back porch

Trash that will not walk itself outside

Bath tub that would need to be cleaned before Calgon could take me away

Aerial view of tonight's destruction

Thanks, Julia, for encouraging us to keep it real! It felt good to come clean (bad pun intended)!
Manic Mother


Christy Fipps said...

Awesome! I don't feel bad now about feeding my kids non-home cooked meals or about having a lived in house :-)

Julia said...

Brutiful! Love it :)

Thank you for being vulnerable, and putting it out there to encourage others. From the very first comment you got, I can see that it's already had a positive impact :)

You rock, Melissa.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

OK. I'm doing it, too. I just took a picture of my kitchen counter. Gulp. :/


Johanna Baker said...

I love you. :)

Tami said...

The first picture had me laughing so hard! It is so true! I tried Zumba once and totally felt like the right half.

The other things seem overwhelming indeed. It's all a part of life. Don't be so hard on yourself! {{HUGS}}

Colleen said...

some of these scenes look very familiar!! ha! especially the bath tub and the trash.

christina said...

hehehe i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. :) you're a rock star. REALLY.

KERRY said...

Hahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!! I love it when people keep it real ;) Looks like my house lol

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