Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog!

I am not one to rush holidays and the change of seasons nor I am one to prepare much in advance.

After all, the photo lines from the Babies' second birthday party (in June) are still hanging in the dining room. I am still carrying a white purse, the ceramic pumpkin is still stashed in the hall closet from last year, and if it were Christmas Eve, I'd still be shopping.


I was thrilled when I saw Multiples and More's Question of the Week:

Do you coordinate your multiples Halloween costumes or do you let them do their own thing? What are some of your favorite costume combos?

It was a great reason to get an early start on planning this year's costume selection (and possibly avoid the last-minute panic trip to Target).

Do we coordinate?

You bet your candy corn we do!

Do you let them do their own thing?

Nope. Not yet! This is one area where they have yet to form an opinion, so I plan on taking full advantage of their indifference while I can. I do consider their interests, though. (See below). Does that count?

What are some of your favorite costume combos?

For their first Halloween, we used their nicknames as inspiration for their costumes: Drew Bear and Emi-Bee.

Last year, we used clothes we already owned to pull together a coordinating look to pay homage to Marty's favorite hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes. Drew was a hockey player and Emily was a Storm Squad cheerleader (minus the fake tan and belly button ring).

This year, they love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! (Yes, we finally caved). We are also going on vacation to Disney World during the first week of October. Together, the choice was so easy that I didn't even need Toodles or a Mouseketool to help me pick this year's duo:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Add in a sick day for mommy where all she felt like doing was sleeping and surfing the Internet, and

Meeska Mooska....

Image Credit

Just needs some black tights, sparkly red shoes, and maybe some bigger ears with a bow from Minnie's Bow-tique!!

Mickey needs a little more work--I am not really digging these (creepy) ears and shoes.

I'd love to hear your answers to the Question of the Week, your favorite Halloween costumes, or even your tips for sprucing up Mickey.



Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

So cute that you coordinate them. They're gonna be adorable!

Tickled Pink said...

These are adorable! I hope to coordinate my twins' costumes when they get older as well! :)

Colleen said...

oh my goodness, that minnie costume is so cute!! I can't wait to see this one. My two both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (well more so C now than E it's been a favorite!)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Our girls have matched every year...pumpkins, Alabama cheerleaders, ladybugs. I'm going for it as long as I's a small indulgence I allow myself, in addition to matching pj's. ;)

This year I'm thinking butterflies!

Beth said...

They absolutely coordinate!!!!!

I already find myself having to coerce Will to cooperate, so I know that my years of controlling the costume decision are numbered.

I never plan or shop ahead, but I managed to find 4 of our 5 costumes on huge markdown right after last Halloweed. This year out crew is going to be the Scooby Doo gang! Like you, I try to consider their interests and we love Scooby around here! We have tried the costumes on and they are soooo cute! I am really looking forward to showing them off in October.

I agree that Mickey's ears are a bit creepy. Surely you can find something better at Disney. Minnie is absolutely adorable! Your two are going to be too cute!

Samantha said...

They are going to look adorable!!

RoryBore said...

so cute. they will look adorable!

also, I am completely ashamed that I know what a Mouseketool is and the words to Hot Diggity Dog.

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

This is really cute. I have not coordinated yet.

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