Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer in our City: The Amazing Rays

In my last post, I shared what happens when a thirty-something mom of two-year old twins stays up past her bedtime, revisits an old hang-out from her younger years, and tries to party like it's 1999.

This post is all about the day after--

After doing our best impression of picking up After picking up the Babies early Saturday from my parents' house, we decide to stay a bit longer for back-up to visit.

The Babies played happily at Granny and Papa's while Marty watched TV and talked with my parents. I napped like one can only nap when in the safe confines of her parents' house. As if the day after didn't make me lazy enough, rain fell steadily through the day. We didn't need much more coaxing to stay put.

In the late afternoon, we all decided against cooking and decided instead to order pizza from a place my brother recommended: Ray's Pizza.

Seriously, if you are in this area and haven't ordered Ray's--you should!

With the rain breaking and with our tummies full, we headed outside to engage in this summer's new pastime: a game of cornhole on custom-made boards by another famous Ray--my dad!

While a fierce competition ensued, the players did their best to avoid the eager hands of Emily and Drew. Maybe it's time for Papa Ray to make some kiddie-sized boards!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I'm jealous all around! A cozy nap? Family? Pizza? Cornhole??? Sign me up! Glad you got to "ease" back into the world. ;)

Beth said...

Yeah for Granny and Papa!!

As great as a night out is, We now also require a day after for recovery! Sounds like a wonderful weekend for the whole family :-)

RoryBore said...

wait, got to nap at your parents house? I was at my moms an entire week - didn't nap once. and she says she loves me more than my kids, humph!

um...cornhole means something completely different round these here parts. not sure you knew that -- but I am most certain you were NOT playing THAT game.

KERRY said...

Aren't hangovers great after 30? Love ' fun ;)

KERRY said...

After just having read your post before this one, I am now not so sure it was in fact a hangover you were recovering from lol and maybe just a late night? Hehehe surely one beer didn't make you tired the next day?

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