Monday, August 6, 2012

On a roll: Mama Loves

It started several months ago with this pin:

From that point on, I began hoarding toilet paper rolls. Yes, if it meant saving a roll, I had no problem digging through the trash can if I discovered Marty had inadvertently thrown away my latest craft supply.

And, then, as with many of my best-intentioned Pins, my plans were flushed down the drain from the swish of daily life with twin two-year olds.


the Babies came home from school with their 'noculars.


For days, the 'noculars were the IT toy around our house.

And, just like that, I was on Pinterest inspired again.

Oh, the ideas...

We could paint.

Which would go great with this idea:

Or for my Emily Bee...

Creative, but not sure how the recipient would feel about candy in a toilet paper roll...

I could even make something for me:

Oh, this is pretty:

And useful:

And needed:

And isn't it just like Pinterest to lead you to a Pin that one- ups your original Pin?:

This week, this mama is loving...EMPTY TOILET PAPER ROLLS!

What are you loving this week? Looking for some great ideas to make the job of
mama-ing a little easier?? Check out Pontifications of a Twin Mama's Mama Loves. (PS She has a great giveaway going on, too!)
Manic Mother


Awn said...

These kind of posts make me hope Pinterest is still around when DH and I have wee ones.

Samantha said...

So cool

Julia said...

Nice! I have a whole stash of TP and paper towel rolls as well. As were were packing up some things to de-clutter, since we put the house on the market, the hubs asked if we needed to pack up the those. I said---yes, of course! You just never know when we might need them for a craft :) Ha!

Great to have you linking up this week, Melissa! :)

RoryBore said...

I have a huge bag of toilet paper rolls still sitting in my back room from that pinterest pin of the Christmas wreath.
maybe this year?

KERRY said...

Who would have thought you could do so much with toilet paper rolls!! Thanks for the pinspiration :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I always love your Pinterest posts!

And I have to laugh, thinking about what a nut my hubby would consider me if I started saving rolls of TP. Of course I'd have to fight the girls for so makes their day to take those to the recycle bin. ;)

Jennifer Forbes said...

My cats just love tp rolls. I might be keeping my four year old granddaughter for two weeks this month, some fun ideas!

Beth said...

So inspirational..can't wait to try some of these projects.

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