Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drew Says...

Last month I shared some of the funny things Emily says.

Today, her younger (by just one minute) brother gets his turn in the spotlight!

Drew is finding his voice--literally and figuratively. Each day his vocabulary grows as does his ability to hold his ground and express his emotions.

Drew constantly amazes us--whether it's with his sharp observation skills, his humorous inflections and mannerisms, or his dogged determination.

See if you agree...

"Clark. Clark. Clark. Clark." (Calling Aunt Windy’s dog all the way to her house only to be petrified of it when we finally arrived)

"I don’t like it!" (Accompanied by a shaking of the hand)

"I strong. I fast. I big." (Accompanied by his strong man impression)

Daddy/Marty: OUCH! He just…kicked…me…the…balls.
Drew: Balls! Balls! Balls!
Mommy: Marty!!!!

Drew: I poot-ed! (Laughing hysterically)
Mommy: Marty!!!! (I didn't teach him that!)

"I fall!" (As he throws himself off the side of the bed).

"Mo’" (As in more)

"Pa-Pot" (And pitching a fit when we turn on our street instead of PaPa’s)

"OOOhhh! OOOOhhh!" (When he is super-excited)

“Count your good and perfect gifts. They all come from God!” (At which point he points to the sky and exclaims, “God”)

"I love youuuuuu soooo much!" (Is there anything sweeter to a mommy's ears? Nope. Didn't think so either)

"Oscar! Cookie Monster! Elmo! Big Bird!" (Naming whichever Sesame Street characters on his diaper)

Mommy: What’s at the beach?
Drew: Water, boats, golf cart!

Mommy: Drew, what does the shark say?
Drew: Duuun dun duuun dun dun dun! (Thanks, Aunt Kelly, for teaching him that sharks sound like the Jaws theme song)

"I see a boat!" (Every time he sees a boat—anywhere—anytime. The kid could be half-asleep but he’s not going to miss the boat—no pun intended)

Drew: I want to ride the boat.
Emily: Drew, the boat’s not here. It’s at the beach. (said in a very matter-of-fact way—like, duh)

"I want a ma- ssage." (As he flips on his stomach wanting his massage)

"I go fishing. I catch fish." (Held his fishing pole all the way home)

"MY Daddy!" (Why, yes. Yes, he is definitely your daddy! No doubt about that!)

I want to sleep in mommy’s bed (Glad we’re clear about who owns the bed!)

"See you later, Mommy." (Um, it’s way too soon for you to go out by yourself, Drew!)

"I see a choo-choo train!" (And when he doesn’t, he will build one with any available materials—including jelly packets)

Mommy: Share the bottle of water with your sister.
Drew: No, I drink it all gone!
Mommy: (Laughs while thinking it’s about time Drew stood his ground with Emily)

Sometimes she’s "Emi"; other times, "my sissy."

"I don’t want to!" (Surely he picked up this expression, along with the accompanying pouty lip, from his sissy)


Kelly said...

Love it! Toddlers say the cutest things :) My boy rarely stands up to his sister...even though he is 6lbs, 2 in taller! When he realizes how big he is, she will be in trouble!

Beth said...

Wow, He is definitely able to express his thoughts. I love this stage where their language just explodes and we get to hear their point of view.
When my Drew finally began standing up to his sisters, we had a hard time disciplining him. I mean, by that point, they had bossed him around for years!

Tami said...

HAHAHA! Melissa how adorable, funny and priceless! I absolutely LOVE that age! "Balls, balls, balls!" Still giggling :)

Helene said...

He is simply adorable!! I miss when my kids were that age so this was really fun to read...totally took me back!!

I love that last picture...very sweet!

Oh and my kids used to sing the Jaws theme music too whenever I asked them about sharks...LOL

KERRY said...

I love it and I love them!!! How cute is little Drew and his words and sentences and exclaimations hahaha too cute and funny. Now I must go and read what Emily has been saying :) I adore this age so much!!

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