Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Love Our X

We've come a long way from those first days of daycare. See, we can even call it what it is...

We have long since abandoned the code name, X.

In fact, most days, we say we are going to school, which apparently fits since those folks at Baby Center are now sending me emails for my PRESCHOOLER!

In fact, most days, the Babies eagerly get in the car for "school."

They love their teachers--Ms. Brenda, Ms. Robin, Ms. Jordan, and Ms. Samantha.
They love seeing their friends. Drew has a thing for Ella.
They even know the custodian's name--Mr. Donnie.
Emily likes to help sign them in.
They fight over who will open the door to their classroom.
They know all kinds of songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "Deep and Wide."
They don't want to leave without their "papers" (their daily reports).

Sure, it's not always easy to get them there. It certainly hasn't been easy keeping them well enough to stay there. (Even in July, we are fighting runny noses). And, sometimes it still hurts my heart to think of the time I miss with them while I'm not there.

But, I love that they love it.

I also love that their teachers care enough to share glimpses of their day, often in unexpected ways, like texting us a picture of Drew being silly:

I'd like to do something nice for their teachers just to say thanks for taking such good care of my babies--to say thanks for the little things (like pictures in text messages) and the big things (like teaching them about Jesus).

Do you have any ideas for small gifts for daycare/preschool teachers? I'd love to hear from you!


Kelly said...

I saw great ideas on pinterest. One was a flower pot with a note attached saying "thanks for helping us grow"

I baked some cookies and sent in some artwork they did... hand print, turned into a flower and added "thanks for helping" us grow at the top.

Olusola said...

When my old daycare had teacher appreciation day, they suggested giftcards to popular stores like Walmart or Target. I know some find giftcards to be impersonal but at least they can get whatever they want.

Johanna Baker said...

Oh, the Pinterest possibilities!!! You can find something for any budget and level of creativity there. :) I'll be heading that way when mine {finally} start preschool this year and hopefully have teachers worthy of teacher appreciation gifts.

How wonderful that they text you pictures of your babies. That seems above and beyond (and probably totally makes your day). Sweet little Drew - are those Mr. Potato Head glasses?

christina said...

one of the girls who's there at morning dropoffs... who's been there since day one 2.5 years ago... is leaving next month. :( i'm SO sad. she's not Lovie's teacher, but Lovie ADORES her and feeling is mutual. i've been wondering what to get her- maybe i'll keep an eye out on your responses...

Jennifer Forbes said...

We used to get ours some lotion or smelly soaps-or a nice candle. The ladies always liked that sort of thing.Then we'd have the kids do a personal card or picture.

When all else fails, gift card are really a good idea like Olusola mentioned.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I think it's so very awesome to see pictures that teachers send parents during the day. It just supports how much those caregivers really care about our kiddos. :)

I see so many cute ideas for teacher gifts on Pinterest. And I always hear teachers say how much they appreciate gift cards - even $5 to Sonic or Starbucks - maybe wrapped in a cute way?

RoryBore said...

Such a cute pic! it's such a relief when they enjoy being at school/daycare.

I am such a big Fail at the whole gifts thing. I didn't get any for either of my kids teachers'....and appparently I left out the bus driver too. We're on one income though....I would hope people would understand.
I do hear that many donate to the teachers' fave charity -- I think most teachers probably have enough coffee cups and knick knacks after a few years of teaching.

KERRY said...

Hi Melissa!
That is so great your toddlers are enjoying their school days :)
It must make it much easier on you knowing how happy they are!

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