Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emily Says...

One of the most exciting happenings while MaMe has been on hiatus is the virtual explosion of language. Emily and Drew are saying the darndest things! With the words, we have seen their personalities come alive.

Emily has always been a bit "sassy." As a talker, she is often a little bossy, definitely the most dominant of the duo.

She constantly amazes us--whether it is with her use of complete sentences, her matter-of-factness, her tenacity, or her adorable sweetness.

See if you agree...

“Okay, bye, bye!” (Used frequently after she has been told “no” but before she storms off)

Me: What do you want to eat?
Emily: Chicken wings
Sign they’ve had one too many Tuesday Wing Nights with Daddy at Buffalo Wild Wings

“Lay down, mommy!” (Followed by cuddle time in “Mommy’s bed)

“Mommy, I hold you in your rocking chair.” (Followed by cuddle time in “Mommy’s chair”)

“Where did Emi go?” (As she hides in the pantry)

“I want to squeeze it.” (The ketchup bottle, that is)

“Fix my pillow.” (As she cons me into sleeping in “Mommy’s bed”—again).

“No, turn it that way. No, the other way. Now push it down.” (Giving Drew directions on how to re-assemble toy)

“Stop it/ don’t do that/ get down/ come on, Drew!” (He’s her favorite person to boss around)

“Put your shoes on, Drew.” (As she crams his foot into his slip-ons)

“Here, Dreeeewwww!” (Trying to negotiate a book or toy trade)

Sometimes the look says it all:

Emily: I want to go shopping.
Me: What do you want to buy?
Emily: Hairbows!

“Count yourself to sleep!” (Singing her favorite line from her favorite bedtime book).

“Again!” (After I finish singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Twinkle, Twinkle” for the 27th time in a row)

“No singing, Mommy!” (At fireworks while I lovingly sang Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” in her ear).

“Where did that come from?” (Her new favorite question—try folding laundry and having to explain where each piece came from. Lord help us when she sees a baby.)

“No, stop talking, Mommy” (Her reaction to me trying to wake her up)

“Kissy. Huggie.” (Repeated over and over until she has enough kisses and hugs)

Me: Is it worth crying over?
Emily: Uh huh.

“I love you, Mommy!” (Finally—something that never gets old and that melts my heart--each and every time!)
What cute things have you kids said lately?


Beth said...

What a fun little gril you have! I love when their language explodes like that. Such a fun stage.

She knows what she wants, doesn't she? So funny to hear her boss her brother around like that. Sounds like Drew got two Mommies!

I love her expression when she is giving you 'the look.' That last picture (looks like 4th of July) blew me away. When did she turn into a big girl? She looks so grown up!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Soooo cute!!!! Children that age, despite the terrible 2/3/4s... They are hilarious!!!!

My fave.....Is it worth crying over. Yes.

It's always yes, isn't it?? ;) I feel ya, mama.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

What a cutie...this will be so great for her to giggle and cherish years from now!!

Smartie pants too!

Awn said...

I love that you're having a language explosion!!!! And the fact that she's willing to consider chicken wings cracks me up! She can come hang with DH any day. =)

christina said...

such a sweetie, love it!

Kelly said...

I love it! I love reading what little kids say....cracks me up every time. Claire is my little sassy pants. I've started doing the "1,2,3" when they stand up on furniture or on toys and now Claire will stand up, hold her hand up and start counting before I do! THEN she threw food on the floor the other night and reached her own arm out and popped it! haha... who does that!

RoryBore said...

oh gosh....that face. can you stand it? LOL

Zoo Zoo is the same now....just chatter, chatter, chatter. with 2 girls, there is never a quiet moment around here. I've taken to hiding in the boy's room with him :)

Jennifer said...

If she wasn't so adorable those looks could kill!

KERRY said...

She may well be one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen, those pictures with her expressions are priceless!! What a doll, so pretty, so sassy and so grown up lol
Love this <3

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