Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When the parents are away, the children...

Friday's Daycare Report

Emily: happy, playful, trouble sharing

Drew: happy, playful, time-out- Drew bit three different friends this week.

What the....??

Okay, so I could have seen the "trouble sharing" part coming. Remember what sharing the kitchen set has looked like lately?

But biting? Biting our "friends"? And, three of them? With only 8 others in the class besides them, Drew had noshed on three of them??

These reports called for...

a weekend away for mommy and daddy.

Well, not really. But that was already the plan.

As I rushed around to pack the last of our bags for our (much-needed) couple-only weekend away, Marty nonchalently dropped these bombshell reports on me.

At this point, there were a couple of ways to view the unfortunate timing these reports.

1. In the face of toddlers behaving badly, this weekend was a perfect time to escape. We could worry about daycare on Monday. After wine. And sleep.


2. In the face of toddlers behaving badly, this weekend was a perfect time for Team Mommy and Daddy to regroup, recharge, and plan our response. After wine. And sleep.

Turns out, we did a little of both.

Even with wine, sleep, and time away we spent much of our time talking about...

yep, you guessed it: the kids.

We wondered if they were behaving for Aunt Windy and GG.

We repeatedly said things like, "Wouldn't Drew and Emily like ___?" and ""I can't wait until Emily and Drew are big enough to bring them here." Don't feel bad for them, though. Apparently, they had a big time hanging out at GG's store and then with the farm animals at Aunt Windy's neighbor's house.

We imitated them and said, "Who am I?" And then we would laugh.

As we enjoyed a meal with an appetizer and without high chairs, we wondered if they were eating well for Aunt Windy.

And, while we certainly didn't have any problem falling asleep at 9:30, we wondered if the babies would give Aunt Windy any trouble going to bed.

So, we escaped AND re-grouped.

Turns out, we also learned another immutable parenting truth this weekend: kids are often better for other people than they are their own parents.

We are still working on sharing, but we view it as progress that every turn is not "Emmy's turn." And, Drew has yet to bite any friends this week.

Thanks to Aunt Windy and GG for taking special care of Emily and Drew. We also thank Aunt Windy for the (above) pictures she texted us while we were away--it gave us something to talk about!


Heather B said...

Mine have been biters lately, too. And the sad part is, one will bite their friend and then Brother will come in for the follow up bite, lol.

jen@ living a full life said...

I think all my kids went thru a biting stage when they were little. I think It will pass, once you and Marty or teacher tells him no a few times.

In the mean time a nice Mommy and Daddy adult weekend sounds lovely! It's great for the kids too! Bill and I used to do that too and then always would regret talking about the kids every darn minute hehe! But getting away is SO important.

The pictures are adorable, they're enough alike but still have their own personalities.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Glad you enjoyed some time away! And I love the pictures...your captions are always the best. :)

We have gone through a couple of biting phases. One was early on -- maybe 15 months or so? And the other was about 2 1/2, I'd guess. (I'm trying to block that from my mind!) ;)

Our pediatrician said both times it's just a phase...but it sure was a painful one to wait out. :/

Hope the change in routine was good for the babies, too...maybe everyone will get back in the swing on a good foot.

And (finally! sorry for the long comment!) - glad to see you back in blogland!!!

Beth said...

So glad you guys got to enjoy a weekend away!

The biting is a really tough phase. When I only had Will, I worked part-time and he went to daycare. I remember getting a report one day that he had been bitten. I was absolutely horrified! Well, that horror was nothing compared to how I felt a few weeks later when i got a report that he had bitten someone. The worst feeling ever!! This too shall pass...

I love the adorable pictures and yes, kids are always better for other people!

Olusola said...

We're currently getting the trouble sharing reports too. I'm hanging on to what everyone is saying: "this too shall pass"

Samantha said...

Glad you had some time away. One of mine has turned into a biter too, so frustrating

KERRY said...

They are absolutely adorable and may be the cutest twins ever!! Great pics :)
I am glad you had a great time away and that the kids got on great without you and behaved, and slept and ate etc
Isn't it always the way? Lol
I am sure the biting thing is a phase that Drew will grow out of when he learns to handle his emotions and deal with things.
I still love love love that pic of the two of them with their play kitchen, hehehehe so cute and funny!

RoryBore said...

I think agree with Kerry....cutest twins ever.

love how you did this - especially after all that wine and sleep. LOL

and they always behave better for others. it's one of those great cosmic jokes, like toast falling peanut butter side down.

Dvr Dame said...

Oh kids! Looks like they had fun. And trust me your kids are a walk in the park compared to my oldest son. I'm too embarrassed to tell you all my horror stories. lol

Ashleigh said...

Love the hugging picture! That's truly adorable! Glad you guys got away and got some grown-up time! My husband and I have one had one night away from the kids, so we are in serious need of something like that!

Kristen said...

My kids were little biters at one point. And yes... I did have to bite Andrew. Yes. I did it. And ... yes... he stopped biting. **so sue me** Anyway - I love the pictures. And I forgot that the twins used to say "I want to hold you" - Don't come over to read my blog. The 3's are horrible. Seriously. Horrible.

Love ya. BTW... Don't you think we should sprinkle some twin dust on Awn? (Did you know we were college friends IRL?)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

So true! Kids ARE better for other people...LOL! Weekends away with just mommy & daddy are so important, are they not?!?! We really enjoy our time alone together and try NOT to chat too much about the's hard though.

Ave was a little biter...I had all kinds of advice and most of it was "bite her back" which I NEVER did but I did get pretty firm with her and let her know that was totally not cool! She grew outta that in a few months but not before leaving her "war marks" on her brother...sigh. To this day she will shake her head with her teeth showing when she become frustrated but hasn;t bit. I know...not comforting but I hope you have luck!! :)

Happy Thursday!

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