Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Confessional

Let me begin my saying how much I appreciated all of the encouraging comments I received after my last post on my unfinished Easter craft/baking/super-mom list. It seems you all like the imperfect me.

Because I know I can count on you, dear readers, for unwavering support and a knowing head nod, I feel like I can dump a few confessions out on this Friday, confident that you won't judge (at least not publicly)! Heck, you may even like me better.

On parenting

I confess... it was easier to parent when my kids didn't have an opinion. In a time not so long ago, I could give them any toy in the car and they were happy. Now, they know exactly which one they are pointing to and that's the only one they want. And, it's always the one I can't reach. Emily and Drew have both started to say "I don't like it."

"Oh, yes. Yes, you DO like it."

"No, I DON'T like it."

I confess...if it wasn't so darn exasperating, it would be cute.

I confess...we left the kids in the car, in the garage, with the windows down, to nap on Saturday. And, of course, the door to the house was open, too. We had a few last minute things to do for the house showing and we didn't want to run the risk of having them destroy the house before we could leave again waking them up.

On roots, wrinkles, and other superficial things

I confess...I was glad when my hair stylist agreed my roots didn't need a touch-up. I saved the cash, and more importantly, I saved the time.

I confess...I used the time (and money) saved to get new make-up, which I really needed, especially the "Well- Rested Under Eye Concealer" and a lipstick called "Courage."

I confess...we are finally ready for tomorrow's family picture session. It's quite a chore to pick out coordinating, but not too matchy-matchy, outfits for the entire family. Thankfully, the babies' newfound opinion doesn't extend to choice of clothing--yet.

On blogging about--anything

I confess...I haven't blogged much lately because I haven't felt like I had much to say. Sure, I could post pictures of our trip to the strawberry farm or the 5K I did on Saturday, but part of me thinks, "Who really wants to read about that?"

I confess...I am torn between how much of this blog should be about us and how much of it should be about more general interest stuff.

I confess...I really want to write about some heavier stuff--what it's like to battle anxiety, how I am still mourning from our miscarriage, why I unliked a blogger's Facebook page. But, part of me thinks, "Who really wants to read about that?"

I confess...I normally keep up with comments either with a reply email or a return visit. I haven't. I've just been trying to keep up. With life.


christina said...

i love when you do these. :)

i know i don't comment a lot but i do read a lot. usually every single post of yours to be honest. here's the thing: don't post for me, the reader, post for you. it's MUCH easier to blog (or not) that way. promise.

have a good weekend!

jen@ living a full life said...

I confess I almost jumped up off the couch with glee when I saw you were resuming you confession posts. I hope you go regular with them. If i remember correctly I became a follower after reading a particularly hilarious one! Don't worry about not answering my comments, no worries from me about that! If you're busy with life that's good...sometimes I wish I had more to do!

Carolina said...

I just love your honesty! thanks for sharing, and I sure hope you keep on blogging about everything and anything you feel like. It's your blog, your journey!

Austin said...

I confess that I miss you and that I haven't been around for you :(

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I loved all of this honesty.

I'm glad you are keeping up with life. Hang in there!

Miss Megan said...

It's okay if you don't respond to comments! You are busy! Twins, keeping your house pristine for showings (UGH), plus everything else you have going apologies!!!
I love the confessionals too =). And I'm jealous you were able to leave sleeping kiddos in the car in the garage with the windows down. Our SUV won't fit in our 1920's single car garage so that will NEVER happen in our world. Not because I don't want it to though! LOL!
Keep up the good work momma!!

RoryBore said...

well I can't speak for everyone....but I love me some strawberries! :)

Julia said...

Well Rested is my best friend! I'm a faithful Bare Minerals user too :)

Melissa---I love your blog. I love when you are you. Be you. Write "you". Screw what everyone else thinks (I know, I know---easier said than done ;), but please know that I love reading it all---good/bad/ugly/general interest/parenting your beloved Em and Drew).

You rock, mama!

Tasha said...

Please don't think I am rude, but who cares what others think. I mean I know you should to a certain degree, but for crying outloud it is YOUR blog!!! You make it what YOU want.
Oh I know I blog about stuff many could care less about, but it is my blog!
I confess when tornadoes were coming through here a few weeks ago I almost packed my Clinique 3 step products and all my makeup to put in the safe room! Makeup and beauty products make me happy. It is the one thing I do spend extra money on.
Good luck on the family pictures today!!! I hope you share a few!!! ANd BTW I miss you blogging!

KERRY said...

I agree, your blog, your choice! I know I for one would keep coming back to read anything you have to say :)
Also, I have never been to a strawberry farm ;)
I love these confessions, they are an honest look inside your world. I totally think in your own garage you should let the kiddos sleep, (windows down of course), who wants to wake a sleeping baby or two? Lol
Don't worry about the replies and stuff, we all know what it's like to be flat out busy with life!
Hope you enjoy your weekend and your photo session xoxo

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Whatever you write about, you do it well! I'd say...write what YOU want to. I think that's what endears us to each other. ;)

Hope the picture session went well! I NEED to schedule our girls' three-year shoot (their birthday was in January!)...but I'm DREADING it. I have outfits already...but it always causes me undue stress, worrying if they will cooperate. And undue stress, I worry, may lead to grey hair...and I don't have time for the salon! ;)

Kathy Radigan said...

Melissa I have to confess I've been a bit slow to respond to comments myself and I don't have twin toddlers. I too liked the ability to do for my children without their opinions, but it does give you lots of material for a post.

As for writing, I think you should always write for yourself. I have found that when I write about a struggle I'm having chances are someone else is having the same struggle and it may help them as well as help me. I never share more than I'm comfortable with, but if I stick to my feelings I find I feel better and I connect with others, which is what I really love about this forum.

I think you are a great blogger, parent and blogging friend!! Much love to you! xo

Beth said...

I love your Friday confessions!

I am right there with you. I find myself tired of posting about our little family outings and things like that. I have some posts I would like to publish, but don't because a) I am afraid of offending some family that read the blog or b)I feel like it is so unrelated to what I have written that i feel like, "who would want to read that?"

Instead, I find myself not posting anything. ugh.
Well, I always enjoy your blog-- the light, the heavy, the cute, the funny... I like it all!

I hope family pictures went well. That is such an ordeal, I think i usually age 10 yrs in that one day!

Colleen said...

Coming over from Kerry's blog. Loved this post and I often find that the confessions are the blog posts that I most enjoy - you see glimpses of real life and I would rather see that then the sugar-coating out there! Your children are beautiful!

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